Best Fit Friend Story: Best Fitness Buds on the Prairie

What makes a fit life even better? A BFF! And by that we mean a Best Fit Friend! As part of BFF Week, we’re sharing some of our readers’ best fit friend stories! Today’s is from Whitney, whose partner in (fit) crime is Emily. See all the BFF stories here.


In 2010, I married my husband and also inherited his best friend. This friend had been dating a girl named Emily for quite some time, and I knew we would be around each other a lot. I invited them over for dinner, and we instantly hit it off! Since that time, we have become best (fit) friends!

We have run a few races together, talk constantly about our favorite workouts/running clothes/gadgets/recipes, etc., spent an entire snow day once planning our future gym complete with a walking track and day care, and even started a blog together at

Emily got married to my husband’s best friend on May 3, and I was in another wedding that day. Though I was devastated not to attend both, Emily assured me that the wedding was only one day, but our friendship will span the years. We already have another race on the schedule and will continue to support one another in fitness. When I’m having a blah day she’s sure to kick my butt in gear. And nobody else understands discussions about coconut butter, almond milk and random food like quinoa better than Emily.

I am so thankful to have found not only a good friend, but also a fit friend to encourage each other for a lifetime of being Fit Bottomed Girls. —Whitney


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