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Best Fit Friend Story: Work Buds to Fit Buds

What makes a fit life even better? A BFF! And by that we mean a Best Fit Friend! As part of BFF Week, we’re sharing some of our readers’ best fit friend stories! Today’s is from Hollis, whose partner in (fit) crime is Jackie! See all the BFF stories here.


I love to motivate people to be fit, especially my gal pals. I love to give them that extra shout of encouragement that will push them a little harder, that will give them a little more confidence in order to become the best version of themselves.

When I go to the gym, which is in the basement of my workplace, I can’t wait to see all of my work-women. We work hard but we play hard, too. In Spin class, I try to get some folks to believe they are in a race and I’m going to catch them; we laugh, we sweat, we have fun.

Sometimes trying to motivate others will motivate me, but when I’m really training hard, sometimes I wish I had someone just giving me that extra push, that extra vote of confidence to help me take fitness to the next level. Sometimes I need to be reminded to push harder, and it’s not always easy. I was waiting for some warrior-like woman to enter the gym. I thought I needed a goddess-like gal who would show me a thing or two.

My friend Jackie and I work out in the gym on our lunch time. Jackie and I do a lot of races together, even though she makes fun of how slow she runs, or how she may have to walk across the finish line. The important thing is she shows up, which makes me accountable to show up.

One day at work, I was feeling a little less than motivated about my day’s workout when Jackie walked up to my desk, holding a newspaper clipping of an upcoming race — a duathlon to be exact. And did I mention it was on a Marine Corps. base? She didn’t say a word to me — no words were needed — she just stared at me until my eyes finished scanning the information. I’m thinking to myself … “Is Jackie out of her mind? I can’t bike 30K and run a 10K, too … ” But there she was just staring at me, with a slight smile, but her eyes were fixated on me like … “you can do this … ”

That’s it; that was all I needed. I went on to compete and finish this grueling race, and when things got tough I couldn’t help but think of Jackie, how she knows me so well. I never dreamed that someone could motivate me so much without saying a word … with just a stare.

I know now that I don’t need a warrior-like woman motivating me or to push me, I need someone, like Jackie, who lifts me up with one look, who knows me well enough to trust her when she thinks I can compete in a tough race. I thank Jackie every day I’m in a gym, because without her, I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am …


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