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Enjoying Some Baseball With One of My BFFs

Remember how I said I’m the worst food blogger ever? Well, I’m getting better. Or, at least I’m getting better with getting others to help me. Because I went a whole day and only forgot to take pics of one meal. One meal! And it was toward the end of the day when I was tired and hangry, so who could blame me?
But that story is for later. Let’s start with breakfast!
I decided to test the ol’ ankle with a super easy 2-mile run first thing. So I ate half of an EPIC bar (yep, still loving them!), downed a glass of water, laced up my shoes and got moving. Thankfully, the ankle held out just fine, although my legs were a bit lethargic due to doing this workout a few days before. (It’s insane; I know. But the feeling of accomplishment — you can’t beat it! Even if you can hardly move for days after … ).
After the run, I ate the other half of the bar and grabbed this, which we just featured yesterday as one of our fave refreshing drinks for summer. For the record: totally refreshing after a run and with a little caffeine in it, it was just the right amount of hydration plus kick!
An hour or two later, my belly grumbled and I knew I had a fun day ahead of me that was away from the house, so I cooked up some kale with a couple of eggs. (Spoiler: this pan I’m using is amazing. Will have a full review soon!)
I really didn’t have much of a plan here when it came to cooking beyond “eat kale and eggs.” But the kale got nice and crispy (kind of like kale chips), and the eggs were nice and runny. Made for a great little mini-meal.

And, then, I was off for the real adventure for the day: the ballpark!
It’s Best Fit Friends (BFF) Week over on Fit Bottomed Girls this week, and I have to say that my bud Tessa is totally one of my BFFs. She’s always game to try any new foods I whip up (even if they’re weird!), have a glass of wine with me (when she’s not pregnant, of course) and is even up for doing crazy workouts with me. She is also a saint in helping me remember to take food photos. She’s the best. And when she asks me if I want to go to a free Kansas City Royals game with her (complete with parking pass and seats in the shade!), I say yes. Naturally.
I brought some trail mix from home to nosh on plus some gum, but also picked up a ridiculously large bag of cajun-spiced fries, plus copious amounts of water. Oh, and see how I got to sit in seat 26 — my favorite number? Perfection! Even if the Royals do lose oh-so very, very badly. Still had fun!
The game was pretty long, so I came home around 5 p.m., checked some email and then the hangries hit. Hard.
*Cue bad-food-blogging behavior.*
I scarfed down a couple of slices of nitrate-free deli smoked turkey and got to making a pretty epic big-ass salad for Ryan and I. We’re talking greens from the garden, beets, goat cheese, green onions, more turkey, celery and sprouts — all topped with a made-from-scratch strawberry-basil-balsamic vinaigrette. It was delicious. And after eating it, I realized I totally forgot a photo.
But, I did remember to capture dessert in time. Gotta get my daily chocolate fix!
When you go to the ballgame do you eat there? Pack your own food in if you can? I like a mix of the two, obviously. —Jenn

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