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Speaking Freely on Nike’s Latest, the Free 4.0 Flyknit

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I don’t know about you, but I really dread running-shoe shopping. I have a big foot. I’m weird about fits. I overpronate. With all of that, I’m already swimming up a hard stream so just imagine the pure joy that rushes over me when I do find THE perfect running shoe. I run those babies into the ground! So when it is running-shoe-shopping time, it’s a big frickin’ deal in my world. I’m grieving the loss of something perfect. I’m grieving the loss of money that was currently in my bank account. I’m going through emotional turmoil. I know that others feel my pain, which is why I’ve decided to break down this review until it can forever be broke. (I don’t really want to break the shoe; I just through in a movie quote. 10 points for the first person to name the film!)

What’s new? I mentioned before that I purchased a new pair of shoes to change things up. I love the mind of a Nike shoe creator. They really do throw in a bunch of super useful technology features to improve our workout lives. This shoe upgrade is no exception. I hear from friends who are obsessed with Nike shoes that the previous model of this shoe tended to cause blisters. It has a water shoe quality to it so I can see how that could happen, but thankfully I’ve been wearing the 4.0 for three months now and I have yet to blister. I’ve rocked the shoe sans socks a couple of times, too.

About the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

  • The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit offers hexagonal flex grooves, which delivers multi-directional flexibility. (This is why my first instinct was to call this puppy a water shoe. It moves like a sock. It’s also quite springy. The first time I wore these shoes I was bouncing (literally) all over the place. They’re a minimalist shoe with invisible clouds of comfort.
  • Its shape was also re-designed to be more anatomical. The toe room is unreal. I have narrow feet, but I tend to run/walk more on my toes so having that kind of wiggle room has been lovely. Have you ever gotten toe cramps while wearing your shoes? I have, and it sucks. I like having the proper amount of wiggle room; otherwise I feel really constricted and that’s when the panic cramps set in.
  • The flyknit technology may at first glance seem like an aesthetic ploy to make you fall in love with the look of the shoe, but those ultra-light threads actually serve a functional purpose. They provide a supportive, contoured fit, securing the foot over the low profile sole and offering amazing breathability. (Basically, it’s more magic to help your foot move and go where it pleases without irritation.)
  • The price, though. At first I thought this shoe was priced too high. I wasn’t working out in this shoe for the first month, too nervous. I had never worked out in a minimalist shoe before. I didn’t know if my running gait could handle a Nike Free, but I knew I’d be doing you all a disservice so I bit the bullet. Glad I did. I now use this shoe for my runs (the most I’ve ever run at one given time is three miles), as well as my circuit-training days. I’ve jumped rope, squatted and lifted in them, and I can happily report they haven’t let me down. The first time I jump roped in them I experienced some soreness later due to the fact that my foot was stretching and expanding in ways it had never been able to move before, but after that first day it’s been fine. So spending $120 on a shoe that transitions easily from one workout to another suits my cheap butt just fine. (I love multipurpose anything!)
  • The colors! I love all of the colors this shoe comes in. If I win the lottery, I’ll be purchasing every shade. (The things a Fit Bottomed Girl thinks about … ) I’m rocking the shoes above, and I’m not mad at the girly hues. Wearing them is a color party. Who doesn’t love a good foot party?
  • The only drawback: I only have one complaint and it’s hardly something to cry home about: the material isn’t waterproof so watch out for rain or cold weather. This is not a shoe you can transition into different seasons with. It’s a great summertime shoe but would more than likely leave you scowling if you landed in a puddle.

Overall, I love this shoe. I give it a solid FBG approval and have been recommending it left and right to friends in the running shoe market.

Curious who else out there has tried the shoe? Do you love it as much as I do? —Tish

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