Top 10 BFF Workout Songs

What makes a fit life even better? A BFF! And by that, we mean a Best Fit Friend! As part of BFF Week, Tish has created a special BFF workout playlist! So grab a bud and get to sweatin’!



Holy beats, Batman! Do you know how difficult it is to find fast-paced workout music that not only gets us moving, but also simultaneously honors our BFF’s? It’s hard! I asked countless buds to help me in this endeavor, but the only thing I got back were blank looks.

Lucky for me, I can Google like a champ. Unlucky for me, some of these songs are hecka old. You’d think friendships just aren’t cool to write songs about or something … I didn’t even care though because this playlist needed to happen. Our BFFs motivate us in person, yes, but even the idea of our friends can do a world of wonder for our spirits.

Have you ever been working out when a song comes on that reminds you of your sweat-pumping pusher and causes you to start beasting through your workouts with gusto? I do that every time I hear a Gwen song because my BFF, Jenn, is a serious fan. (Gwen might actually be her spirit animal.)

Not everyone has a spirit animal/pop singer that resonates during an extra challenging workout, though. And that’s what this playlist is for! Songs about friends that stir the love up off the shelf and whip you and your workouts into shape. Who knows, your music player could become your new best fit friend after listening to these!

10 BFF Songs to Stir Up Some Friendly Sweat

  1. Best Friend, Queen. Come on! This was a no-brainer. Friendship and Queen. That might as well be in our bio as one of FBG’s founding elements!
  2. Umbrella, Rihanna. This song still appears in my workout playlist rotations. The beat and that motivational message make my heart beat with friendly pride.
  3. What About Your Friends, TLC. I am a hardcore TLC lover! When I moved to a new state and thus school in the 8th grade, TLC’s Waterfalls album was my saving grace. The gals of hip-hop can do no wrong in my book. They can help you do no wrong, too. You’ll get friendship confirmation and a good heart rate going.
  4. Best Friend, Weezer. Oh Weezer, you clever, clever band. You’ll be singing how much you love your friend … for inspiring an impressive amount of push-ups!
  5. Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall. I love this song. It’s definitely a feel good song that praises the friend in your life whose has the power to give and the power to see. It’s always wise to praise such attributes in our friends!
  6. Wannabe, Spice Girls. This song goes wayyy back to a time when Jenn and I actually dressed up like the Spice Girls and went and celebrated all things girl power with a bunch of 7-year-olds at the concert. (True story!) Girl power set to a beat: perfect playlist pop music!
  7. Independent Women Part I, Destiny’s Child. This song will never get old! All hail rockin’ women honoring other rockin’ women.
  8. Every Little Step You Take, Bobby Brown. Every little step you take you can think of your bud and how how they’ll always be there. Perfect sentiments to remember when you’re trying to push yourself just a little bit farther on that run!
  9. I’ll Be There for You, The Rembrandts. At least one of your workout songs should involve strategic clapping segments. Makes it so much easier to envision your BFF standing nearby cheering you on.
  10. Count on Me, Bruno Mars. Another anthem that celebrates all things that make a good friend great! Bruno should be proud that folks out there are finding burpee inspiration in his countdowns. How many musicians can boast that kind of power?!

There you have it! About 30 minutes of friendly workout music. I think I’m on to something with this whole friendly lyric thing … If you have any fast-paced music that screams friendships’ praises, please share! There has to be more workout music in the world like this!

What song reminds you of your BFF? —Tish

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