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My Fitness Spirit Animal: A Squirrely Squirrel

In honor of the upcoming Fit Bottomed Pets Week, for this rather humorous Question of the Week, we’re answering the question: What’s your fitness spirit animal? Come, get nutty with us…

Credit: internets_dairy

Credit: internets_dairy

As a term of endearment, my dad has called me a “squirrel” since I was a little kid. To some, it might seem odd, but I’ve always found it sweet and oddly—don’t tell him I said this—accurate. Because when Kristen first came up with the idea of asking this question last fall during our FBG race and retreat, the first thing that popped in my mind as my “fitness spirit animal” was a squirrel. An ornery, jumpy and hungry red squirrel to be exact. Here’s why…

Why My Fitness Spirit Animal Is a Red Squirrel

1. I have red hair; they have red fur. For some reason, I identify with red squirrels as they are gingers like me. I know other animals have red hair, but it just doesn’t feel the same.

2. I have workout A.D.D; they’re twitchy. Squirrels are always jumping from branch to branch and digging from one spot in the ground to another spot in the ground. And I’m constantly going from this goal to that, and one workout trend to another. Me and squirrels, we get around.

3. I’m obsessed with nuts; they live on nuts. Between making immature jokes and being obsessed with new ways to enjoy all varieties of nuts, I talk about nuts a lot. And squirrels, well, they’re always trying to get a nut to move your butt. Or fill their bellies. Whatever. And you know all that chattering that squirrels do? I’m pretty sure they’re making immature nut jokes, too.

4. I like to nibble on foods found in nature; they’re always gnawing on something. Ever seen how a squirrel eats? All happily with its paws close and its attention focused? Yep, that’s pretty much me eating a plate full of veggies. Which I do often. Just ask my husband.

5. I have a freakishly small head; they have a small head. I’m pretty sure most workout headbands wouldn’t stay on their noggins either.

And all joking aside, I really do like squirrels. They’re highly entertaining. And, judging from the way they jump from tree limb to tree limb and taunt my dog, they don’t have a lot of fear. Which is something I’m always striving to do: not be stupid, but to face my fears!

So, any other squirrels out there? What fitness spirit animal are you most like? —Jenn

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