My Run Happy Date With a Well-Dressed Dude

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I may have mentioned before that Ryan and I aren’t always the best running partners. That I tend to get competitive. That I tend to get upset that he can run so much faster than me. That we pretty much always end up bickering before, during and after a run. But, Brooks Running recently challenged us to take a Run Happy date together. And, well, it’s hard to “Run Happy” when you’re arguing about pace, so Ryan and I put aside our running-speed differences in the name of L-O-V-E. And, you know what? It was fun. Like, really fun!

Before the date even got started, I had the chance to pick out a Brooks Running outfit for him. And since we picked about the coldest day of the month to go running together, he pretty much got to wear it all at once. Check out the Sherpa Short III and Tienken II Jacket—and know that beneath that jacket is the Essential SS. (Side note: Ryan will be reviewing all of these pieces next month for our annual Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week!) I might be biased, but I think he was looking pretty fly…


Hey, baby, wanna go running?

Oh, and let’s do a close-up of the shoes shall we? He loved the PureCadence 2.


I done good picking these out!

After posing for a couple obligatory “running” shots, we got our Run Happy date on!

Running man!

Running man!

And we had to take the pup. It’s just not right to not go with her. We joked that she was our chaperone.

Siena are so fast, I'm surprised the photo even captured us.

Siena and I are so fast, I’m surprised the photo even captured us.

Instead of both listening to our iPods, we really embraced the idea of a date by just jogging slowly and chatting. No distractions or trying to do a mile in a certain amount of time, just running with my main man (and dog). It was cold, but quite lovely.


The sunshine felt good out there!

After running happy, we continued our date at our favorite coffee spot: One More Cup. Nothing like a little hot java after a run to keep you buzzing and warm! I even remembered to bring my beloved coffee cozy!

One More Cup Jenn

What? It’s not normal to pose outside of coffee shops for photos?

Oh, and our chaperone came along for coffee, too. No coffee for her though.


She loves car rides.

It was a super awesome date, and I think just setting the expectation that we were going running not just to run but also to spend quality time together made it extra special and put us both in a good headspace to have a really nice time. We may have to do this again. Soon.

So, I now say to Brooks Running, thank you! Turns out we just needed a Run Happy assignment to get us happily running together! (And my dog says thanks for the run, too.) Tell me, do you ever have running dates with your partner? What would your ideal Run Happy date be like? —Jenn 

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  1. Andrew says:

    Good article, even though you guys aren’t the “best” running partners. I would love to see how you guys workout with each other with videos. Check out http://sweatn.com and see what he thinks