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Tips for Your First Pole-Dancing Class

Hold on to your knickers folks, but the notoriously “so bad it’s hilarious” movie Showgirls was introduced to the world nearly 20 years ago! In 1995, the squeaky clean Saved by the Bell star Elizabeth Berkley played stripper (I mean dancer) Nomi, and it caused something of a media sensation at the time.

Oh, boy, how the world has changed! Nowadays you can find pole-dancing classes all over the country, as women have discovered that it is not only a fun workout but it also produces really fantastic bodies due to its core-centric targeting.

So if you are curious about trying out your first pole-dancing class but not quite sure what to expect, we have you covered! We talked to some of the best instructors in the business to give you the lowdown for your first time on the pole. Get ready to honor your inner goddess!


Tips for Your First Pole-Dancing Class From the Experts

Blue Britt, Owner and Founder Metamorphosis Studio in Los Angeles (and co-star on the amazing reality show Ex Wives of Rock)

I was a fitness fanatic all of my life but nothing got me in shape faster than taking pole-dancing classes, which actually made my workouts fun. However, there are different types of classes out there with some focusing on overall fitness and others more on sexy dancing. I make a point of always telling newbies to take the time and figure out exactly what they are looking for to begin the search for a reputable studio.

Start with checking out reviews on Yelp and Google to get an idea of how they treat their students and if they offer beginner level classes. Most studios are closed during the day, but I make sure to forward calls to my cell phone so I can answer any questions about what we offer at Metamorphosis.

Lastly, pole workouts combine dance, athletics and ballet, so be prepared to be a little sore the next day as you will be using all new muscle groups!

Angela Cassidy, Owner and Founder of Gypsy Rose Dance Studio (Allston, Mass.)

The most important thing is not to compare yourself to other people. ANYONE, no matter how big, small, old or young can learn to pole dance. I’ve had really large girls be amazing in the swings and inverting, whereas some skinnier girls take longer to get the same move

And if you’re not confident, fake it — even just for that hour. As we say at Gypsy Rose “NO APOLOGIES EVER!”

Bring sneakers just in case. A lot of pole studios teach barefoot, which is fine, but I find that it’s easier to learn with sneakers (or heels for a sexier feel) so that you’re not afraid of bashing your bare foot into the pole if you don’t do a move correctly. Beginners always want to instinctively fight the momentum that swings you around the pole, which leads them to, in fact, bash into said pole.

Lani Henderson, instructor at Evolve Dance Studio (Los Angeles)

Be sure to arrive with dry skin!  Don’t add lotions before your class as the oils will cause you to slip and slide, which is no fun.

Dress for less: the least amount of clothing the better! Booty shorts, sports bra/tank top and patent leather pole stilettos are perfect for class. You’ll need to expose your skin and have body contact with the pole to achieve certain tricks, and the patent leather stilettos helps you stick to the pole when climbing!

Don’t worry about your cellulite or if you need to lose a few more pounds.  The beauty of the pole dancing community is there are no judgments; it is an encouraging sisterhood. So wear those short shorts, because no one is thinking about YOUR cellulite!

Rica De Ocampo, Instructor of Body & Pole (New York City)

Your first pole class can be pretty intimidating, so once you’re in the room, feel free to introduce yourself to the other women (and sometimes men) in class. Generally, everyone is a beginner and a quick chat can help to calm your nerves.

Have fun being a beginner!  Pole dancing isn’t easy or simple. Give yourself permission to look good, or bad, or sexy or even awkward next to the pole. You’re in class to learn, build strength, dance and have a good time.  Enjoy the whole process!

So have you ever tried a pole dancing class? What are your tips for beginners? —Margo

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  1. Shutonda says:

    I tried pole fitness @ Poleateaz in Atlanta, Ga. for my “2015 new experience!” I was nervous but the instructor was very patient, funny, and she made us feel comfortable & at ease. I enjoyed the class. I will be attending more classes very soon!

  2. Pole dancing is quite a tough task for the beginners. You have to be very balanced and accurate for the pole dancing. This can be done only by having a perfect practise for pole dancing.

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