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Workout I Did: Balance Workout

It’s nice to have workouts so good that you’re left totally spent and dripping with sweat. But it’s also nice to have workouts that are more relaxing and that leave you refreshed. This one is the latter. It’s one of the workouts in the balance chapter of our Anti-Diet book, and it’s a workout you can go to on a rest day when you want a few minutes to zone out and do something, but you’re not in the mood for something vigorous. It’s even a good one to do as a cool down or first thing in the morning to get you moving. No matter when you do it, this balance workout is challenging in a totally different way than your standard cardio or strength exercises. Enjoy!




Balance Workout

Warm-up: Take three deep breaths

Standing leg raises: From standing, lift your right knee; hold for 30 seconds. Extend leg; hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on left side.

Repeat sequence or stand on a pillow for extra challenge.

Airplane: From all fours, extend right arm and left leg; hold, working up to 1 minute. Repeat on other side.

Repeat sequence or extend hands and legs to side for added challenge.

Cool down: Take three deep breaths

Ah. Now don’t you feel great? You can also close your eyes to make it an extra challenge, too! —Erin

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