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A Peek Into My Streaky March Mindfulness Streak

mindful streak

You never know what life is going to throw your way, and that’s been ever so apparent to me this March.

See, I’ve been looking forward to the Mindful March Fit Bottomed Challenge since we first discussed it. I’d been doing yoga very regularly, and my meditation game was pretty on point all through from December through February, so I was thrilled to have a chance to incorporate those streaks as part of the challenge.

And then, as life sometimes seems to go, right when it came time to start streaking (meet you in the Quad!), I … didn’t do as well.

I started out with yoga — I hadn’t missed a day in probably two weeks until March 1. I did it more days than I didn’t for the first two weeks of March, so I wouldn’t call it a failure, but still, I didn’t exactly get my streak on.

Then, the third week of March, I went with meditation to go along with the Oprah & Depak 21-Day Meditation Experience, and I rocked it for a few days before missing one. I’ve done pretty well since then, but again, I just haven’t quite gotten the streak thing down.

I don’t really know what my deal is — streaking (well, this kind of streaking, anyway) is totally my kind of thing. I love a challenge that encourages creating a habit! But maybe, since yoga and meditation were already a habit, even if not exactly a daily one, I somehow rejected the idea of making it more of a habit. Maybe? I really don’t know. I do feel like I’m doing well on the mindfulness front in general, but, man, I was really excited about a full month of daily yoga.

I know this isn’t my typical woohoo this is awesome let’s GO type of update, but I wanted to be honest. I don’t have any excuses, but I’d love to know whether anyone else has had a hard time with this (or with something similar that you were super duper pumped about going in).

So, let’s hear it! How’s your streak going? Go ahead; be honest. Kristen

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