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Workout I Did: Jump, Jump for Your Butt

Just wanted to start this Workout I Did off by getting this song stuck in your head immediately. Now that that’s done, we can get right into this jump-tastic workout. Remember how easy it was to jump rope when you were a kid? You would jump and jump and earn your Jump for Heart T-shirt and have fun doing it, all while barely breaking a sweat. It is not nearly that easy now that I’m an adult. The last time I wanted to jump rope, the gym staff didn’t have any available because they are apparently a hot item and stolen frequently. I took that as a sign that jumping rope wasn’t meant to be. But yesterday I busted out my fabulous pink jump rope to give it a try after a long jump rope hiatus. It’s never the most enjoyable thing I do for a workout, but damn if it doesn’t get your heart rate up immediately.

For this workout, I did two sets of each of these moves. It took me no longer than 10 or 15 minutes. But you can do three sets or more if you have the time and want the challenge. I’m still on the early end of getting back in shape postpartum, so this had my legs burning by the end. Skip a break between moves like I did and get one heck of a quick cardio workout along with your strength. (The jump rope and squat jumps will certainly get you breathless, too!)

I finished it off with some hedge trimming — literally trimming the bushes — so I hit my upper body, too. If you don’t have bushes available, feel free to add in your favorite upper body workout as well.


Jump (for Your Butt)

2-3 sets

Jump rope: 1 minute

Walking lunges: 20 each side

Side lunges: 20 each side

Squat jumps: 20

Dumbbell dead lifts: 12

What’s your favorite butt move? I’m loving the side lunges lately and do them all the time! —Erin

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  1. Cassie says:

    Jump ropes are the WORST! XD

  2. Karen Bean says:

    Jumping is harder as an adult for sure but it can be so fun!!! I highly recommend checking to see if there is a Punk Rope class in your area. I’m certified to teach Punk Rope here in Maine. Its an interval class, recess meets boot-camp and has a few intervals jumping rope. Its so fun!!! Check it out punkrope.com

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