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TRX Workouts: Shoulder and Core Circuit

I didn’t swim — really swim — for over six months because my shoulder … kind of stopped working. And for a fish like me, it felt like eons. I love cutting through the water and pushing my limits, but when you can’t even raise your arm enough to wash your hair without assistance from the other arm, well, knocking out 3000 yards before breakfast isn’t exactly in the cards.

After some tests, rehab, injections and a whole lot of patience (UGH), I once again have a functioning left arm (YAY!). And I intend to keep it that way, so I’ve been slooowly but surely building my strength back up, and I’ve found that doing strength training using my TRX is a great way to do it. If something is really difficult (or even just tougher on my left side than my right), I just modify by moving my feet to take a little weight off.

TRX shoulder circuit

I’m digging this particular circuit so much that I thought I’d film and share it, because whether you’re recovering from an injury or just want to work your shoulders and core, it’s perfect for you!

A couple of notes on the TRX workout video:

  • I sped things up for time, but when you’re doing these moves, take your time. There’s no rush, and form always trumps speed.
  • On the single-arm exercises, really focus on keeping your body square — it’s easy to let the side you’re not using drop back, but you’ll work your core and keep the shoulder you’re using nice and safe by remaining square, even if that means you have to move your feet back or take a break.
  • Cats and swimming pools are endlessly entertaining. One day you’ll get that chlorinator, Trixie. I swear.

What do you think? Look like fun to you? I truly enjoy this one, even if it is a toughy.Kristen

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