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November Fit Bottomed Challenge Week 3: Be Grateful for Today

When you think about being grateful, do you think of just the big stuff like your family, friends and co-workers? Or can you also appreciate the little things? Things like how sunlight feels on your face? Or how nice it feels to hold a warm cup of coffee? Or how the wind feels on your skin when you run? Or even, as our beloved Maya says, the beauty that is a beginning of a new day? Because, really, how freakin’ amazing is that?!


As we continue on with this month’s Fit Bottomed Challenge*, don’t just think about what you’re grateful for on Thursday, but every day. And try to find the beauty and gratitude in each and every moment. Big and small, be grateful for it all!

What to Expect This Week of the Fit Bottomed Challenge: November 16-22

Monday, November 16: You know how you did this 5-minute chocolate meditation last week? Well, this week we want you to do it again, except you can do it with a small piece of any food you absolutely love or are craving. (If you’re more of a salty person than a sweet-craving one, this is the perfect opportunity to try it with, say, a chip or pretzel or french fry!)

Tuesday, November 17: The holidays are pretty much in full swing. Which means that ol’ schedule might be getting crazy. Take a few minutes today to think about how you want to feel this holiday season. Now envision yourself doing it and feeling that way. And know that you got this — ’cause you do.

Wednesday, November 18: Go fast. Go slow. Just go with this fun and high-energy interval workout.

Thursday, November 19: We wanna know 20 things — big and small — that you’re grateful for. Share them with us on Twitter and Instagram (@FitBottomedGirl) with #FBGChallenge for a chance to win a free fit prize pack that’s customized just for you. (U.S. only, sorry international, friends!)

Friday, November 20: Seeing that there are fewer daylight hours, it’s time to brush up on these self-defense moves.

Saturday, November 21: Every Saturday we’re building up that cardio base — and working that booty. Today your challenge is to do 30 minutes of your favorite cardio (think running, walking, elliptical, dancing … the list goes on and on!) followed by 20 lunges on each side. You look more booty-full already!

Sunday, November 22: Turkey day is next week! Brush up on your Thanksgiving food facts here. Then be prepared to drop some fun knowledge on your fam next Thursday. (Believe us, they can make for great conversation starters or savers when the table conversation goes silent, overly and uncomfortably political, or just plain awkward!)

Is doing this challenge making you feel more grateful? It’s funny; it seems like the more you focus on what you’ve already got, the more you get. Jenn

*First time hearing about the Fit Bottomed Challenge? It’s totally free and each day we’ll give you a little something to do that’ll help you to be fitter, healthier and more awesome. Download and/or print the full November 2015 calendar here. And if you need a little more help figuring out how the Fit Bottomed Challenge works and why we created it, be sure to read this handy dandy page.

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