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The 20-Minute Workout You Need in Your Life


I love going to the gym. But sometimes, I just can’t get there. Or, don’t have the energy to drive there (I’m not the only one who hates driving, right?!). Or, decide to sleep in a bit or nap a bit because the baby was up all night. On days like this, I WOD at home. And this 20-minute workout is one of my absolute favorites!

Ryan and I came up with this simple 20-minute workout that’s made up of two 10-minute AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) on such a day — we needed a challenging but short workout that was full-body. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we busted out the baby jumper and the exercise mats and decided to work out on our back porch. One of us would baby- and dog-wrangle while watching the timer, and the other one would work out. Then, we’d switch.

Dog, baby ... it's a family affair.

Dog, baby … it’s a family affair.

It’s the kind of 20-minute workout that totally kicks your ass, but doesn’t take up your whole day. And all you need are some dumbbells (I’d recommend 10- to 20-pounders, depending on your fitness level), a timer (we just used our phone) and a little padding for your knees/butt! Dog and baby are optional but do make for great cheerleaders.

The Perfect Full-Body 20-Minute Workout

10-Minute AMRAP #1

10-Minute AMRAP #2

  • 5 lunges (left and right equals one)
  • 10 air squats
  • 15 mason twists

And here it is in a fun savable and pinnable graphic! (Check out all of our workouts on Pinterest here.)


I had the privilege of working out first for both 10-minute AMRAPs, which kind of wasn’t fair because it always gave Ryan a number of rounds to beat. (For the record, he beat my number both times, but it was pretty competitive. Which I’ll take!) But I really, really love the whole two 10-minute workouts though because it’s a short amount of time, which mentally makes it easy to give it your absolute all. And if you’re doing it with a partner and are timing their round, you get a full 10 minutes to recover before you go again. Genius!

We were both sore after this one. Which is always the sign of a good workout.

Do you make the most of good weather and go outside for your workout, even if you’re doing strength training at home? I really never did until we renovated our back porch and now I LOVE it. Not sure what the neighbors think though …. —Jenn

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