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Does Your Dog Eat Like You?

IMG_6212We call our pets our “four-legged fur babies” for a reason. They’re family! And it’s natural that you want your entire family to be healthy, right? We’ve talked a lot about working out with your pup, but how about your pup eating as clean as you do, too?

I never really gave it much thought, but over the years, my dog’s diet has changed in many of the ways mine has. When we first adopted Siena eight years ago (about six months before we started FBG), we got her pretty basic, normal food. Puppy formula, nothing overly special. A few years later, we switched her over to an organic and more natural blend. A year ago — after numerous benign tumors that were removed via surgery (no fun!) — we transitioned her to a grain-free diet. And now, well, she’s trying out some Paleo goodies from Only Natural Pet.


I hadn’t even stopped to think that as my diet has slowly transitioned to gluten-free and Paleo much of the time, so has Siena’s! So I guess reviewing this was only a matter of time. Offered at PetSmart, Only Natural Pet is a vet-formulated line with meats blended with whole fresh fruits and vegetables. All food is free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten and GMOs. And, to be honest, it sounds delicious. We’re talking cage-free chicken, fresh turkey, free-range lamb and beef, as well as sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans and real fruits and veggies like apples, cranberries, celery, pumpkin, broccoli and cabbage. Again, that’s eating a lot like me.

And, no surprise, Siena loved ALL of it. We used the Venison & Lamb Jerky Bites and the All Meat Bites Bison as normal treats that she gobbled up; the Free Range Low Odor Bully Stick were great for keeping her busy and engaged for like an hour (they do have a smell but it was worth it to keep her happy for that long!); and the dehydrated dog food was not only wolfed down, but it was also super convenient.

I’ve seen the fresh dog food some pet stores sell, and while it looks awesome, I can’t imagine buying fresh food for Siena that regularly. So the Turkey & Sweet Potato Dehydrated Dog Food and the Beef & Sweet Potato Dehydrated Dog Food — that you simply add water to and wait 15 minutes to rehydrate (or pop in the fridge the night before) — was genius. And, Siena loved it. She’s usually pretty enthusiastic about her normal grain-free kibble, but as soon as she smelled it, she went bananas. Or, more appropriately, she went all free-range beef and broccoli.

Now, like most Paleo eats, it’s not cheap — and considerably more than your normal dog food and treats. But, in my book, it’s totally worth it. I invest in my health and good food to feel good — and I’ll happily do the same for my furbaby.

How about you? Does your pup eat like you? Will you spend a little more on quality food for him/her? Take it from someone who knows, vet bills are not cheap. I’d much rather spend my money on good nutrition to prevent as many medical issues as possible! —Jenn

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  1. Rob says:

    If it wouldn’t be so expensive, I’d love to feed my dog the same things I feed myself (or rather, just not the typical dog kibble). Imagine how happy he’d be if he got to eat real chicken and beef all the time!

    1. Jenn says:


      Right?! SO happy. 🙂

      —FBG Jenn

  2. andrew says:

    completely agree with this “I’d much rather spend my money on good nutrition to prevent as many medical issues as possible!”

  3. carlos says:

    Just my 2 cents..several low quality dog foods have a lot of added sugar, fat and palatability enhancers. Your dog can become addicted to these types of bad junk food. Remember, just because Fluffy eats it does not mean that the food is healthy.


  4. CiCi Elle says:

    Agree completely on feeding your dog healthy food. I’ve been rotating different brands of grain free and healthy dog food for about 6 years and found that NutriSource is best for my dogs allergies.

  5. Ashley W says:

    Completely agree, dogs need high-quality ingredients in their food just like us

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