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A Greater You for a Greater Me: 12 Weeks of Strength Training

strength training

Fit Bottomed Mamas is at it again! Taking on a lifestyle journey and seeing what 12 weeks can do to our bodies and our minds. After our last drop-in over at A Greater You in Overland Park, Kan., Jason Belz offered for us to really see what this strength training program has to offer over a 12 week series. (If you didn’t read my first take on the gym, go read it now!) So, not only did we jump on the opportunity, we wanted to include one of our readers who was hesitant about doing a weight-lifting program but also who struggled to find the time, like most moms.

Our reader and my friend, Megan Turner, a mom to four kids under the age of 5, agreed to join me on this 12-week journey. Megan has a soccer background, having played in high school and her earlier college years, so she’s no stranger to weights. When we talked, she let me know that she hasn’t picked up weights since her soccer years. She was burnt out and once she became a mom, figured she was done with that. Following babies, Megan did some indoor running, Jillian Michaels’ 21 Day Shred at home and some various group fitness classes. With her goal in mind to start making time for herself and hopefully lose some of that baby weight, she is focused on feeling better about herself again while keeping her top priority in mind: getting and being healthier.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will be doing a group training program that is a circuit style, progressively overloaded resistance training program, great for fat loss and strength training, according to Jason. He will be leading us through our workouts and educating both Megan and me on the proper movements through this resistance training program.

I have the same goals through this journey as Megan has. We are accountable to one another, to the team at A Greater You and to Jason, who is committed to Fit Bottomed Mamas and committed to Megan and me as individuals. Join us on our journey by following us here and also at @jennyDschloz on Instagram and Twitter where we will be captioning our 5 a.m. (yes, 5 a.m.!) workouts. We also ask that you pray for us that our babies sleep through the night and make getting up at 4 a.m. not as bad as it seems. 

Anyone else ready to get up at the crack of dawn for 12 weeks? —Jennifer

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