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50 Healthy Burger Mix-Ins

Hamburger, homemade hamburger with beef and fresh vegetables
Fire up those grills! We are in the season of the healthy burger. But in case you’re in need of some burg-spiration (that sounded much better in our heads than outloud, but whatever), we’ve put together a whopping list of 50 healthy burger mix-ins. Whether you’re wanting to make a vegetarian burger or want to add a little extra healthy goodness to your usual burger, here are 50 ideas to try. Fifty! That’s almost one idea for each day for the rest of the summer! You’re welcome.

50 Healthy Burger Mix-Ins

  1. Beans. Black bean, lentils, navy beans … the sky is the limit!
  2. Flaxseeds. Buy ground or milled flaxseed (like this one) and use it as a good-for-you binder.
  3. Shredded carrot. Shred up finely and add some vitamin A to your burger.
  4. Spices. Go crazy with everything from dried basil to curry.
  5. Oatmeal. Quick-cooking oats can act as an awesome and filling binder in your healthy burger.
  6. Jelly or jam. Just a teaspoon or two can add a sweet twist to your savory burger.
  7. Mushrooms. Finely diced mushrooms keep burgers extra moist, minus the meat and fat.
  8. Egg. Ups the protein like whoa.
  9. Peppers. Jalapenos, pepperoncini … whatever you like.
  10. Sun-dried tomatoes. These are such a delicious and tangy addition.
  11. Hot sauce. Go ahead, get saucy with some sriracha or Cholula.
  12. Rice. Brown, black, wild or white, they’re all awesome.
  13. Shredded cabbage. Cook some green shredded cabbage down and add vitamin C and fiber to your burger.
  14. Fresh herbs. Fresh herbs like basil, cilantro and parsley can brighten up any burger.
  15. Marinara sauce. Try this with a little provolone. Trust us.
  16. Greek yogurt. Just a few spoonfuls add depth of flavor and added protein and calcium.
  17. Roasted bell peppers. Sweeter than fresh ones, this is a go-to fave of ours.
  18. Salsa. Corn, radish, tomato … whatever is your jam, mix it in.
  19. Quinoa. This is especially awesome if you have some leftover — a great way to use it up.
  20. Soy sauce. Nix the usual S&P and try soy sauce or coconut aminos for a unami flavor.
  21. Pickled ginger. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
  22. Mustard. We like a good dijon, but any kind can be tasty.
  23. Shredded zucchini. Keeps those healthy burgers moist!
  24. Chia. Chia seeds … they’re not just for your kombucha.
  25. Chutney. Ginger chutney is amazing in burgers — especially turkey burgers.
  26. Grated apple. Grate up a Granny Smith apple and add a sweet but tangy twist. (Awesome with brie!)
  27. Celery. Fantastic for adding a little crunch.
  28. Kamut. Try the flour or fully cooked grain.
  29. Riced cauliflower. You can’t even taste it!
  30. Toasted chopped nuts. Walnuts are particularly good.
  31. Mashed sweet potatoes. Mix with some egg, beans and seasonings and you’ve got a great veggie burger.
  32. Pickles. Who says pickles have to go on the burger, anywho?
  33. Garlic. Because everything is better with garlic.
  34. Onions. Try raw red, white or green onions. Or go nuts and caramelize them.
  35. Shredded yellow squash. And, hey, it’s in season!
  36. Almond or coconut flour. Adds fiber and healthy fats to your burger.
  37. Ketchup. Yep, it’s also good mixed in.
  38. Whole-wheat bread crumbs or crushed crackers. Yay extra fiber.
  39. Avocado. Mix it in … and consider grilling an extra one to put on top of your burger, too.
  40. Cheese. Because everything is also better with cheese.
  41. Sauerkraut. Not just for hot dogs, people.
  42. Farro. Another great whole-wheat mix-in.
  43. Olives. Black, kalamata or green, all are delicious and add a rich saltiness.
  44. Fresh bell peppers. Red, yellow, orange, green … chop ’em up and mix them in.
  45. Barley. Adds a wonderful nuttiness.
  46. Sauteed spinach or greens. This is such an easy way to work more veggies into your burger. Just be sure to get all the water out before you add it.
  47. Beets. Chop them up and drop them in. You can barely taste them!
  48. Mayo. Another great way to keep your burgers moist.
  49. Chopped artichokes. Tangy and with a meaty texture, these are a great addition.
  50. Unsweetened protein powder. Especially great for vegetarians or vegans!

What do you mix in your healthy burgers for extra flavor and nutritional oomph? I’m a big, big fan of the apple, brie and coconut flour combo!Jenn

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  1. Of course I like to eat a burger. But the cakes in the fast food shops make me fast and boring, they show me fast, not to enjoy. I will personally prepare a special burger for me in a healthy way after this blog post. Thank you

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