The Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

I’ve been on the go quite a bit over the past month, which means my normal workouts aren’t always possible. I can’t hit my usual class at the gym or even set up my TRX at home if I’m in another state (or country!), so this bodyweight workout has been my BFF.

This circuit hits all the parts and can be done a couple of ways. I did it as an AMRAP workout, but you could also do a set number of reps for each, or even go Tabata style. It’s short enough that you can fit it in anywhere (even with rest, you can get through it one time in 20 minutes), but you can double it for a bigger workout or even split it up if you’ve only got 5 to 10 minutes here and there.

No equipment (other than a chair, bench or ledge for tricep dips and maybe a semi-soft surface on the ground for elbow-to-hand plank) is needed — it’s just you and your body getting it done!

bodyweight circuit


What’s your favorite bodyweight exercise? How about your least favorite? Who knows — maybe I’ll incorporate those into my next circuit! Kristen


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  2. This worked for me. I am an at home mom so I am always on the go and need something simple to be able to keep me in shape. Thanks for these tips.. They are the best!!