Banishing Stink with the StinkBOSS

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If you work out frequently, you’re probably familiar with your clothes getting a little smelly. And maybe no matter how many odor-eating shoe inserts you go through, your favorite running shoes are just foul. Over time, smells don’t tend to improve. So your clothes start to smell not-so-fresh even though you washed them — the rebloom effect, if you will. And what about sweaty husbands who wad up workout clothes and forget about them and then you’re struck by an unholy stench when you go to throw them in the wash? Or kids who refuse socks so their shoes take after their father’s running gear? These are all problems, people.

Washing can only do so much with your favorite workout pants, and shoes are expensive so you want to preserve them — not throw them in the wash cycle so they can get banged up. But now there’s an easy solution to your smelly problems: The StinkBOSS.

stink boss

My kids fondly call it the StinkBox because, well, it’s a box you can put smelly stuff in. Things that surprised me about it:

It’s lightweight. Seriously, you almost wonder how this box will do anything because it’s light as a feather. It’s also not terribly large, so you can put it out of the way. I’ve got mine in a corner of the basement so it’s near the laundry room but not in the way at all. If I want to move it, it’s not a hassle.

It’s quiet. Again — taps mic — is this thing on? Because while you can hear a gentle whirring, it’s not going to drown out anything. You can watch your programs on the telly while stink-causing bacteria get demolished. You can’t even hear the bacteria screaming.

It works. The StinkBOSS works by being a deodorizer and actually killing the bacteria, which is what’s causing the odor. You’re not just covering up the scent for it to come through again; by killing the bacteria, the odor goes bye-bye, too.

But how does it work? Well, it’s #science. Inside the appliance, there are two vents on pillars and two floor vents, which circulate mild heat (70o F) and ozone.


The mild heat wicks away any moisture in the gear while the ozone acts as a disinfectant. It kills the bacteria, viruses and germs it comes into contact with and the stench vanishes. If your gear isn’t wet, you can skip the heat option and just go for the disinfecting option. It couldn’t be easier to start. You set the time, hit play, and if you don’t want heat, you hit the no-heat symbol and then play.

It works great for athletic shoes and small athletic wear like gloves, shin guards, sports bras, running socks, workout tees and more. I’ve tested it on stinky kids’ shoes and sweaty gear, but my true test was river stench. I vacationed this summer in Tennessee, and my family and I went on a river tubing trip. Water shoes were recommended, but we all opted to wear the tennis shoes we already had. Mine were my Brooks Neuros, which have been my go-to shoe as I train for my half-marathon.

I cringed as I hopped in my tube and walked in the river with them on. I felt like I was destroying them because do you know what rivers smell like? Not roses. When we were done, my shoes looked fine, but they had that distinct river smell. Like mud and dirt and outdoors and slightly rotting nature. Not exactly what you want your shoes to smell like. I let them air dry and as soon as I got home, into the StinkBOSS they went. I went for broke and did a 4-hour stink destroying setting, and when they came out, I gave them a tentative sniff. No stench. No rotting river. Just a hint of ozone, which has an almost sweet smell to it. The shoes, thankfully, are strongly back in my running rotation with no fishiness to be smelt. 

How to Get Your Own StinkBOSS

You can get one for yourself at with promo code “Fitbottom” for 20 percent off, or you can enter to win one yourself. One lucky winner is going to get to stay so fresh and so clean by winning one of his or her very own. Just let us know what your worst offender is — that item that you would throw in your StinkBOSS immediately — in a comment below and consider yourself entered. Winners (U.S. only, please) will be chosen at random and notified by email in about a week!

Good luck, stinky people. —Erin


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  1. I do battle with my husband’s dry-fit shirts weekly. I can’t even tell you the amount of vinegar and baking soda used on soak cycles. A StinkBoss would become my whole family’s best friend! (I wonder if they work on cloth diapers!)

  2. Oh gosh – that would be my bike jerseys! After 4 months of training they’re starting to get that distinct “high school boys locker room” smell. The StinkBoss would be perfect!

  3. No matter what I do my workout shirts have that freshly worked out smell to them. i’ve soaked, tried special detergents, nothing gets rid of the funky smell completely. Would love the stinkboss so that I can finally be fresh without feeling self conscious when people are near me at the beginning of my workout. Thank you

  4. My 13 year old son loves kayaking and camping, but his shoes and clothing have retained the smell of the “great outdoors”. I would LOVE to win a StinkBOSS to destink these items and my own slightly smelly running gear!

  5. The towels for the dogs and my running shoes. Terrible smells come from those things. To the point I’m about to keep them outside…

  6. I like the article because, as someone who works out frequently, I can relate to this problem. While this was an advertisement, it was well received by me because it was talked about in a friendly, not pushy manner.

  7. My favorite running shirt! My wife told me last week that I am not allowed to wash it in our house because it smells so bad coming out of the dryer.

  8. I want to put so many things in this box! My stinkiest item would be the undershirts I wear under my uniform (law enforcement). It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, I sweat through them and they sit damp against my skin and my protective vest.

  9. I have been lusting over the Sinkboss FOREVER! I don’t make a lot of money, so I can’t afford to just go out and buy new shoes. I have to make the ones I have last as long as possible! And because I end up having them forever, I get pretty attached ???? I have these little red beauties that are still perfect on the outside, but I may have to throw them out soon because they’re starting to get pretty smelly. ???? They’re my favorite shoes!!! Also, wouldn’t it be nice to go on a dinner date and a movie at a boy’s house and be able to take my shoes off on the couch??? Sigh. A girl can dream…

  10. Oh so many things I could put in there but definitely sports bras and my babies PJs! Sometimes after a stinky diaper that smell just lingers… 🙂

  11. My breeches from riding lessons (dressage rider) they get the same smell as workout pants but with the added smell of dirt, horse and other stinky stuff!

  12. This is great! I would put my flip flops and tennis shoes and also my work shoes. Thanks for the chance to win it 🙂

  13. My binders!!! I wear chest compression undergarments almost daily and it feels like they pick up stink within ten minutes of putting them on, no matter how freshly laundered. It would be so nice to only have to wash once a week with the rest of my laundry instead of every 3-4 days.

  14. I would immediately throw little boys shoes in! They are only two years old but man oh man do their little feet smell. And I know it’s only going to get worse as they get older! ????

  15. Hello, Fit Bottomed Girls,
    I would like to be entered in the StinkBOSS Contest.
    The item I would pick to clean is, hard choice shoes or pillows.
    So if choose say pillows. But jackets and bras would benefit also. HaHa.
    Thanks, FBG and StinkBOSS.