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Gratitude Challenge Day 4: Create an Inspiration Board

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We’re HUGE fans of the inspiration board, where you throw together a bunch of awesome images together that speak to you and your goals and then envision yourself reaching them. It’s one heck of a way to get fired up about life, feel good and really settle into being grateful for all of the amazing things that are still yet to come. Therefore henceforth, we’re having you make your own inspiration board today for the gratitude challenge!

(First time hearing about our free 5-day gratitude challenge? Read this and find all of the daily challenges here — you can start the challenge at any time!)

Day 4 Gratitude Challenge: Create an Inspiration Board


Every year I make a full dream board, which does take some time (but is so worth it!). If you have the time to do that today, DO IT (and here’s how). But, if you don’t have that much time today, you can still get an instant dose of feel-good in as little as 5 to 10 minutes by doing one of the following:

  • Create a virtual inspiration board on Pinterest. Pin images that move you (maybe even literally), motivational memes, articles on goals you want to read (like, how to write a book, or get a raise or start a family) … anything that sparks you. Need a place to start? Try this or this.
  • Cut out three to five images that you love and represent your goals from magazines or printed from the internet and tape or glue them on an index card or piece of paper.
  • Love to draw? Take a piece of paper and doodle out your favorite motivational sayings and/or draw things that represent your goals and how you want to feel (peace symbol, star, smiley face, etc.).
  • Create an album of photos on Facebook or your phone. Upload all kinds of images you love. Get started with some of our faves here.

Create your inspiration board in the best way for you, and then look at it daily! This challenge is the one that gives back and back and back! (Also, you might be surprised/freaked out by the stuff it predicts in your life!)

What one or two phrases or images on your board really stand out to you? For me, it’s “daring greatly.” Gets me every. time. —Jenn

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