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More Than Mirror Muscles


Whenever I hear someone talking about how hard they’re working on getting cut abs or killer shoulders, I always think of the trainers working with those folks. I mean, I totally understand that it’s tempting to really just focus on those mirror muscles — you know, the ones you tend to see when you look in the mirror — but if you’re going for overall health and not just a really hot sweaty selfie, you’ve gotta work the whole body. And if you’re the trainer working with somebody who’s laser focused on one body part, how do you convince them to embrace a full-body workout?

Well, Margo and I recently had a chance to chat with Reggie Chambers, a New York-based trainer known for having a unique approach to each client to help them meet their goals and expectations, about just that, and his answer was kind of brilliant:

“I give them what they want, then I give them what they need.”

He explained the importance of keeping your workouts symmetrical, so if someone comes in really wanting an ab workout, he makes sure to work their lower back as well. And he also suggested learning to embrace the full-body moves that everybody loves to hate: burpees and Turkish get-ups.

Think you can apply this to your own workouts? I know it’s easy for me to do the moves I want to do, but it takes way more motivation to move on and do the things I know I need to do … like foam rolling my IT bands. UGH. Kristen

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