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Don’t Believe These 10 Pregnancy Myths You See on TV

There aren’t a lot of little ones in my family (although I do have one awesome cousin — hi Drew!), so I didn’t really grow up with a lot of kid experience, let alone pregnant ladies. So, when my good friends started having kids and we started thinking about adding to our own family, too, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about pregnancy. What did it feel like? What was childbirth like? How did your water break? Did you actually rush to the hospital? Did you cuss your husband out when pushing? Did you eat nothing but pickles and ice cream?

Because, yep, a lot of what I knew about pregnancy and childbirth came from the ol’ television. Which is entertaining, yes, but wrong. Oh, so wrong. I now know all of this from personal experience, but this infographic from Gap Medics sums it up — and sets the record straight — pretty hilariously.


by Gap Medics.

Okay, be honest now, how many myths did you fall for before having kids? I didn’t know about the lying down one until I started doing research on childbirth when I was pregnant. I spent most of my time in labor either walking around or bent over the bed. But! I totally craved weird foods—Jenn

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great infographic! I always wondered where do these myths even come from. I’ve given birth 7 times(!) and none of these things happened.

    Another myth is that you’ll immediately know what to do in order to take care of your baby. Yeah, right 🙂 Everything has to be learned from scratch, including how to feed your baby, dress her, diaper her, and get her into the car seat without her collapsing into a little ball.

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