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4 Ways to Make Your Smoothie Even Cooler

Who here loves their daily smoothie?


Even if you more or less make the same smoothie day after day (uhhh, guilty), there’s no reason you can’t switch up the nutrition you’re adding to that tall, cool glass of yum. Here are four options we’ve tried — and seriously enjoyed — in the last few months.

Athletic Greens

We love and believe in this smoothie add-in so much that we gave them a Noshie and then became an affiliate. Yup. It’s that good. A scoop of this wholefood nutrient-dense stuff gives you probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and all kinds of superfoods. Plus, it tastes really good!

Liquid I.V.

We’ve upgraded our workouts with this stuff before, and we continue to love it either on its own or mixed in our usual smoothie. Whether you’re prepping for a workout or refueling after one, if you know you’re going to sweat or just sweat a ton, it’s a fabulous way to hydrate quickly (2-3 times faster than water!). Oh, and the new Passion Fruit flavor is totes delicious.

BareOrganics Raw Organic Energy & Stamina Blend

Actual conversation that took place recently:

Kristen: “I just cannot get with beets.”

Jenn: “Dude, I love them.”

Kristen: “I know you do. I just … think they kind of taste like dirt.”

Jenn: “They do! That’s what I like.”

So, when I (Kristen) tell you that this blend of beet, cacao, maca, ginger root and more smells like beets but doesn’t taste like dirt, I hope you’ll know that this is actually really, really high praise. And, if you’re more Team Jenn and are totally down with beets just as they are, you could also check out BareOrganic’s Beet Root Powder to up your betaine, nitrates, and fiber, or grab some of their Hemp Protein (hooray for protein and iron!) or Chia Seeds (because hello, omega-3s). Basically, this is a great line of easy, healthy additions.

Pure Synergy Organics Carrot Juice Powder

You might be familiar with The Synergy Company — they make a huge line of vitamins, superfood extracts, veggie powders and more, but it’s the veggie powder that has us really geeked. Specifically, the carrot powder, because not only does it taste sweet and yummy, but it’s packed with carotenes and other nutrients that support eye health and a healthy cardiovascular system. Also? I’ve never added carrot juice to my smoothies before and clearly that was a mistake. (Other veggie powder options include Blue-Green Algae, Beet Juice, Kale, Tomato Juice, Wheat Grass Juice, and Barley Juice, in case any of those rock your socks more than Bugs Bunny’s best.)

What are your favorite smoothie add-ins? You know this is just a start — and we’ve got a ton of other ideas for your smoothies (and smoothie bowls!) right here—Kristen

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