Did Last Year’s Resolution Stick?


Credit: nImAdestiny

Today is the last day of the 2010 and before we embark on a New Year with new adventures and successes, we thought we’d take a look back and see if the resolutions you made a year ago stuck. For example, in last year’s poll on what fitness feat you’ll conquer in 2010, almost half of you said you’d train for a race and 21 percent said you’d master the push-up. Did that happen? I’m happy to report that of my three New Year’s resolutions, two of them have stuck. Although I’m not running much faster, I have re-embraced my workout A.D.D. and by making this huge leap of faith, I have lightened my load quite a bit. What about you?

Can’t see the poll? Click her to tell us about your New Year’s resolutions!

Per usual, elaborate in the comments, my lovelies! —Jenn

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