A Visit With the Knot Whisperer


Oh, how I love a good massage. When my chiropractor told me massages were part of the type of therapy and healing she practiced, my back perked up a bit. I always assumed massages were a luxury that the fortunate got for birthdays and really bad days. I never knew that a good massage can actually help the body-challenged, like myself. My chiropractor, Toni, set me up with THE most amazing woman. Becky, whom I quickly nicknamed “The Knot Whisperer” has the magic touch.

Her massages have seriously been my zen escape for the last two weeks. I have to remind myself that being good to your body doesn’t end when you walk out of the gym. The Knot Whisperer not only battled my back of never-ending knots, she rubbed the lactic acid right out of my legs. It hurt at times—I’m not gonna lie—but once she was done and I had downed a grip of water, I felt like a new woman.

It gets even better, though! I recently came down with a nasty flu bug, so she went to work on regenerating my cells using some percussion machine doo-hicky (she said it induces the motion of surrounding joints and relaxes the muscles) that opened my sinuses up quicker than any pill ever has. I was so trying not to believe in the magic of that machine. (It seemed pretty hippity-dippity to me.) I kept saying to myself, “This ish doesn’t work…” and then I fell asleep and woke up feeling like the two-ton elephant I had been carrying for four days had decided to take a break. Magic hands…

I’m too early into the process to see if all the TLC has totally helped my back. I have knots that have been there since I first stressed over homework in the first grade, I presume, but I’m hopeful. Health and wellness no longer stops post workout. I’m extending the love out from now on!

How often do you get a massage? How often would you like to get one? —Tish


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  1. I also have chronic shoulder and back knots so I feel your pain. I get massage about once a month but I would LIKE to get one once a week. Or more. 🙂

  2. There are some excellent self-massage videos on youtube. 5-10 minutes of self-massage per day can help to improve blood flow, cognitive functioning, and keep those painful knots at bay between massage sessions.