★FitStars: Essence Carson of the WNBA’s New York Liberty


Whether you're a basketball fan or not, Essence Carson is one cool—and fit—chick. Not only does she play the guard/forward position for the New York Liberty and truly enjoy working out and staying healthy and fit outside of the league, she's also a celeb ambassador for HEI, a health-based non-profit …
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I Like a Sore Butt and I Cannot Lie

Do this a few times with proper form, add weight and boom! Butt soreness. Credit: lululemon athletica

Today, I want to talk about the butt, ladies. The sore butt, to be precise. (And, no, I can never resist a good opportunity to reference Sir-Mix-A-Lot in a headline. I'm helpless against his shake-that-healthy-butt attitude.) See, after suffering from the most ironic of all ironic injuries back …
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Fit Gift Guide: 7 Gifts for the Healthy Foodie


Last week we hit you up with what will be a regular Monday feature from now until Christmas: our fit gift guides! Today, we're taking a foodie twist on the usual gift guide. So if you're a healthy food lover (can you say "wish list"?) or have one on your shopping list, read on for our healthy foodie …
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An Easy Answer to If You Should Work Out If You’re Feeling Under the Weather

To work out or not to work out when sick. That is the question! Credit: sunshinecity

'Tis the season for sniffles and sneezes! When you’re really sick, there is no question that you need to rest. Your body clearly tells you to stay the heck home and watch re-runs of New Girl. But what if you’re just a touch sick? Or you feel like a cold might be coming? Should you still head to …
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How Tish’s Healthy Goals of 2012 Are Going: Two Out of Four?

resolutions, goals, new year, grade card,

At the beginning of the year, each FBG shared her healthy goals for 2012. With a new New Year sneaking up on us, we thought it only fair to see how those previously set goals were going for us in this Question of the Week! After all, goals only work if you measure 'em! Last year, I promised my …
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Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Races (Including That Turkey Trot!)


Anyone celebrating Thanksgiving with a good ol' turkey trot today? (Believe us; it makes the turkey and mashed potatoes taste that much better!) In case you are—or have another run coming up—today we're sharing five nutrition tips for runners. These were specifically designed by CLIF Bar for the …
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