Pro Tips for Banishing Fat Talk


How often have you listened to a friend gripe about her thighs or belly only to reply with something along the lines of, "Oh, stop, you're gorgeous. But I know what you mean --- mine are so flabby!" Hopefully, you don't say anything like that much, but chances are, you've been guilty of it at …
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Fit Tip Friday: Keeping Track of Your Shoes’ Mileage


Did you know that your running shoe has an expiration date? Most folks will tell you that a good shoe should last you around 300 miles. That being said, people go to some creative lengths to ensure they're keeping track. I've never been good at keeping score though. If you ask me to write down my …
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Fit Tip Friday: Stay Motivated by Trying One of These New Fitness and Nutrition Trends!


Remember how we teased a couple of weeks ago that we have another fit tip from the the Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo---and the Miss Venus Williams (seriously, we're still needing to be pinched from this event---Tish and I were dancing just a few to the right of Venus in the above photo!)? Well, it's …
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Fit Tip Friday: An Easy Way to Spice Up Your Workout Tunes


So you know how a few weeks ago we mentioned that we were toying with the idea of doing a Fit Tip Friday with video? Well, that day has come! And while we won't be doing one every Friday, they'll certainly become part of our usual content rotation in the coming weeks (and probably a more regular …
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