We Want to Do CrossFit — or, Really, Any Workout — With Laura Prangley


You know how you see people on TV or online, and you're like: Yeah, we could be friends. Kind of like how we are about Bob, Dooce and Gwen? Well, we have a new imaginary BFF to add to that list: Laura Prangley. Laura has been a comedian and writer for years, but Erin just hipped me to this …
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Self Firm Flat Abs, Fast!

Although I’m a frequent reader of Self magazine, I’d never done one of its workout DVDs. After Jenn’s success with Abs of Steel, I thought I’d dedicate a rental to tummy toning, so I checked out Self’s Firm Flat Abs, Fast! The beach scenery was beautiful, and the instructor, Violet Zaki,was as cool …
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