Sun Safety Essentials

Young fashion woman on the beach

It's here! It's finally, finally here! After what my Nor'easter friends declared the "Longest. Winter. Ever." the sun is here! If you're like me, you want to spend as much time as possible basking in its glorious rays. And why wouldn't you? Running outside beats the treadmill any day, there's …
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What to Expect From Your First Deep Tissue Massage

woman getting a shoulder massage in the massage office

If your hamstrings will not respond to even the meanest foam roller at your gym and your back continually feels achy, it might be time to get a deep tissue massage. Some people are turned off at the very idea of it, as it seems to be more of a luxury than a beneficial practice. But trust us when we …
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What to Expect: GORUCK


Maybe you've heard people talking about GORUCK, or perhaps you noticed some folks doing stadiums or shuffling along at your last 10k carrying what appeared to be really heavy backpacks, and you wondered what the deal was. GORUCK is a rucksack producing company founded by a team of Green Berets, …
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Stretching, Foam Rolling, Yoga Tune Up or Lacrosse Balls: Confused Yet?


Remember when Tish found stretching perfection at Kinesis? Well, Coach Kimmie is dropping the knowledge down on us about all things flexibility and mobility in today's guest post! Read on for how to improve your workouts, find the right tools for your fit life and reduce your risk of injury --- plus …
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Too Busy to Eat Well or Work Out? We’ve Got Something to Say!

woman at computer

Give us a raise of the hand if you've ever found yourself a little overwhelmed with the whole concept of healthy living. And raise the other hand if those feelings of overwhelm hit you during a busy, transitional time in your life --- like, the end of college or beginning of a new job. Yep. …
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How Summer Brings Out Disordered Eating (and How to Spot It)


We grow up looking forward to summer every year. The freedom! The sunshine! The cookouts! The vacations! But if you --- or someone you care about --- struggle with disordered eating (and according to the National Eating Disorders Association, 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from a …
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Long-Distance Fit Friendships


A few months ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. Though I was glad to get out of the Phoenix heat, I wasn’t so okay with leaving behind my circle of friends. In Arizona, I was only one text message away from a workout buddy; here in Utah, my contacts list is empty. I’ve tried --- and, if I must be …
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4 Natural Constipation Fixes


Decorum dictates that one speaks not of religion or politics while in polite company. At FBG, we happily avoid such contentious subjects, but aren’t afraid to dive head first into the poop! Er, I mean the topic of poop, or actually, the lack thereof. Emily Post be damned, we’re talking …
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My Plan of Attack to Get Back on Track


I’ve been at this healthy lifestyle biz a long time (has it been three decades?!) and even a seasoned veteran like myself can get off track. The signs are easy to recognize: wonky digestion, a strong gravitational pull toward sweat pants and a general slug-like feeling. My first rule: don’t …
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