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Stepping It Up


Credit: Emborg

So, remember that step class I tried? The Equinox one that was way over my head and had me spinning in circles and stepping in the wrong direction? Well, once I stopped laughing at myself and was able to catch my breath, I decided that I had to find out what the beginner Cardio Blast class was all about. I wanted to be able to rock the step like these step-class pros.

And let me tell you, I’ve taken a lot of group exercise classes. And I’ve loved them. (I’m talking about you Cardio Physique and Zumba!). But it was a whole new level of love with the beginner Cardio Blast. Love at first step. We totally clicked.

After my previous experience, I was more than a little nervous that even the beginner/intermediate level would be too much for me. But the instructor, Sheldon, turned out to not only be great at barking steps to the advanced participants. He also turned out to be a great teacher for the beginners.

It turns out that the intricate moves of the advanced level class were created by stringing along relatively uncomplicated moves from the beginner class. Moves that he repeats in the beginner’s class over and over until you have no choice but to get it. And when you do “get it,” it is the most fun EVER. The beat of the music and the rhythmic stomping is addictive and really gets you into the groove. It really is like a step dance. The time flies by and you are having too much fun to notice that you’re working out, even if you are dripping wet by the time it’s over.

I still managed to get lost a time or two in the class, but it was so much easier to jump back in at this level rather than just flailing around like a chicken with my head and legs cut off. I would leave class GUSHING to my husband about how much fun it was. I was like a giddy school girl. But I was also proud of myself for tackling a class that frankly scared me—and actually doing pretty well at it, if I do say so myself.

My only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner. I would have loved to have mastered the beginner’s class and worked up to the advanced level. And now I’ve moved away and had to leave Cardio Blast behind. I’m hoping someone will hear my plea and take the class nationwide, Zumba-style. Erin

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