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Posh: Keepin’ It Fit and Functioning (a Giveaway!)

Ever have problems finding clothes that fit, flatter and function (and are aesthetically pleasing)? Yea, us, too. That’s why today we’re sharing four companies with you that making getting dressed for workouts and life a little easier—and more fashionable.


We love workout clothes that look good and work great. And the Cirqulate does just that. Great for running, walking or hitting the gym, these work for anything from yoga to group cycling class.

We’re most smitten with the pants and tops, whichare soft, breathable and wick moisture like a bad mo’ fo’. Plus, the line comes in earth tones like green, burnt orange, lavender and brown, so you’re never burning up outside and looking like an 80s aerobics instructor (although, that can be awesome). Not to mention that the pants all feature a cinchette built into the waistband for serious tummy control. We’re not overly concerned with what we look like when we hit the gym usually, but a trick to forgo the muffin-top look is awesome.

Rese TankRese Pilates

Rese Pilates (pronounced Ree See), is an active-wear line that combines fashion with function. And fashionable they are. We’re in love with a lot of their spring line, but especially the Marissa tank (shown right). The pleated front tank with a drawstring bottom is super flattering and the length keeps what needs to be covered, well, covered.

It doesn’t look like all the other tanks on the market because the line was designed to accentuate different parts of your body and posture that are important when Pilates-ing, including your core, ribcage, alignment and breathing point. In fact, Rese means to re-see yourself, and create a stronger healthier body and see a better you. Kinda hippity-dippity, but we like it.

And great news for FBG readers, Rese is giving ya’ll a discount! Enter promotional code FBG20 and receive 20 percent off all online purchases from March 31-April 7 at resepilates.com. Happy shopping!


ShaToBuWe’ve all heard a lot about Spanx, but what if you could combine the slimming effect of Spanx with upping your calorie burn? It would be worth trying, right? That’s what we thought. And so we did.

ShāToBu was developed by a chiropractor, tested at the University of Virginia and was shown to burn up to 12 percent more calories than going sans ShāToBu. I squeezed into the waist to knee shaper and did feel, ahem, supported. The sucker sucks you in! It was like instantly losing five pounds. The shaper is tight enough that it really does make you have to work a little harder to do normal stuff, so I believe the added calorie burn. And although it was uncomfortable at first, I got used to it. My only complaint was that wherever the shaper ended, I felt chubby, as the skin bunched up at that spot. Ewww. I didn’t even let my husband in the room when that was all I was wearing. Which seems counter-productive. Aren’t these type of things supposed to make you feel more confident? I imagine that other shapers do the same thing though, so if you like to “shaper up” then why not really shape up while you’re at it?

Perfect Fit Button Perfect Fit Button

The Perfect Fit Button is one of those great infomercials that we just couldn’t let pass by without commenting on. After all, unlike other gadgets and gizmos, this one actually makes sense. Losing weight but can’t afford to buy new clothes? Gained a few pounds and refuse to buy bigger pants? Pregnant but not ready for maternity wear? The Perfect Fit Button really does solve all that. And the idea is so darn simple. All it consists of is a removable button that can be put on any skirt or pant.

Just like any good As Seen on TV offer, you can get four buttons (one for jeans and three for color pants in khaki, brown and black) for only $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling Then, as a bonus (there’s always a bonus), you get another set of Perfect Fit Buttons and a bonus Shoes Under to store a dozen shoes under a bed or in a closet. It’s times like these that I miss Billy Mays.

Would you try any of the above products? Leave a comment in the next week, and we’ll pick one lucky U.S. reader to win a free ShāToBu shaper!  —Jenn

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