Pump It Up with Puma

I have a serious weakness for Puma. Not sure if it’s the jumping cat or the sleek lines, but I drool when I see a Puma store. Here are a few Puma products Tish and I have been testing out over the last couple of months. See if they pass both the cute test and the FBG-performance test!

puma runningComplete Run Top

One thing that always annoys me about fitness tank tops is that they’re are so unforgiving on the stomach area. But not this one! With a super-flattering scoop neck and fun graphic print that draws your eye up instead of to your middle, this performance tank gives you plenty of flowy fabric around the middle, giving you room to move and no reason to ask your best friend if you have a muffin top. Oh, and you don’t look pregnant in it. Score! Plus, it has moisture-wicking properties. It’s designed as a running top, but it’s pretty much my favorite workout top these days. I’m in serious like with it.

puma hoodieComplete Winter Hoody

I love multipurpose clothing. I also love surprises. So imagine my delight when I got both in this jacket! This bright pink pull-over jacket (love the color) is lined with fleece and perfect for a cool fall-weather run or walk. It’s totally toasty! Then the outside of it is seamless, way slimming, and the top area around the collar can go from mock turtleneck height to full-out water-resistant hoodie!I loved it so much I even wore just out one day as an outfit—without even planning to go to the gym.

VelosisVelosis 2

I’m not sure if the Velosis 2 shoe is named after the Velociraptor dinosaur, but every time I put them on, I evoke my own inner Jurassic Park monster to come out in my workouts. No, I don’t go around chasing people at the gym, but I may grunt a bit more than usual and feel like I can tear it up! While these shoes are super fly looking with bright colors and a unique design that provides a lot of cushion, they’re not my favorite running shoes, but I do like to lift and walk in them. And just a note to the wise: I find Puma’s toe-box to be smaller than New Balance’s and Nike’s, so if you want more room or have wide toes, size up!

Complete Long-Sleeved Tee


Oh yellow Complete Long-Sleeved Tee, let me count the ways in which I adore thee. I love this darn shirt, ya’ll! Here’s the deal. It’s long sleeved, but thin and light, which means it protects my puny little guns from the wind, but doesn’t turn my upper body into a sauna if the sun hits me. Genius, I say! I like clothes that allow me to forget what I’m wearing and focus more on the workout at hand.I rock it all the time and get mad compliments on it. It’s got a nice cut and fits well. Very stylish and functional.

running caprisComplete Three-Quarter Tight

Behold a magical pant that makes you look like you have leg muscle and a  good booty, all while avoiding that tightening squished feeling that makes my arse twitch. I fell in love with this knee pant the minute I tried it on. It’s a comfortable pant that stays where it’s supposed to. There are no wedgies. There’s no “baggin’ saggin’ Barry” action going on. It stays put without squeezing the life out of you. My only concern with the pants is the little zipper in the back. It’s not a seamless pant, so the end of the zipper starts to poke me after awhile which annoys me to no end. I have to remember to roll down the top of the pant and tuck it in, which is sort of a bummer. I’m hoping this is a unique oops on Puma’s part, but just in cases…If you decide to buy the pant check the zipper in the back for sharp pokies. If you’re going to spend that much on a pant, it better be perfect!

Do you pump it with Puma? Tell us about your favorite brands of workout clothing and shoes! —Jenn & Tish

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