What a Cell Phone Can Teach You About Life and Happiness

Dear readers, I have finally joined the new millennium. Quite ironically, I—the co-founder of a blog and social media crack head, for crying out loud—had up until two months ago been rolling with a cell phone that was almost laughable. Never having paid for a cell phone before (“the free ones that come with a new plan work great,” I’d protest), technology was an after-thought. I wanted a phone that worked and looked somewhat pretty. That was it. In fact, it wasn’t until two years ago that I even started texting, scoring myself a phone with a sliding keyboard. I seriously thought it was the height of coolness.

And then the iPhone came out. And many of my friends got them, staring at the screens during happy hours, pulling up the latest and funniest new clip on YouTube or even wowing me by being able to identify the character what’s-his-name played on you-know-that-one-show within seconds. A true world machine—and instant gratification.

Already knowing that I’m prone to overworking, these new phones intrigued and scared me. Just look at what they can do! Need directions? Got ’em! Unsure what to make with the random ingredients in your pantry? Not any longer! Want to play Angry Birds or Scrabble 24-7? Bam. For me, having access to the internet at all times of the day—and others knowing that I was always accessible online—was like putting a camera in front of Charlie Sheen. Except no one was winning. It terrified me.

But over time, it seemed like I was just delaying the inevitable. I mean, you can only run a website for so long without people starting to look at you like you’re a cavewoman when you bust out your no-internet phone at a Tweet up. And then I started planning trips—one to New York with Bagel Thins and another fun trip to LA for Coachella (more on that later this week), and it became even more clear that I was going to have to jump off into the deep end of the cell-phone pool. Just as I was coming to terms with this fact and figuring out a way to have one without losing my mind (heeelllooo boundaries!), Microsoft sent me one. And it was like going to Times Square for the first time. With apps!

Bright, shiny and oh-so-groovalicious, it was love at first touch (you know, it has one of those new-fangled touch screens!). While I really have nothing to compare it to (see paragraphs one through four above), it was glorious. Easy to operate and intuitive to even me, cavewoman-of-the-cell-phones, the Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7 makes me wonder why I waited so long. It easily lets me check what I need to check when I need to check it, and with a little self control on my part (again with those boundaries), we’ve been quite the unstoppable team. While the battery does seem to run out pretty quickly (a somewhat good thing for me though, as it encourages me to get the heck off of it when I’m dawdling), it truly has a beautiful, modern screen design that makes me feel like I’m Mrs. Jetson. It’s like I’ve skipped light years ahead with my communication technology. And I love it.

So what in the tarnation does this have to do with fitness, you may be asking. Well, besides the fact that all smart phones have amazing fitness apps and resources that can make your life easier and your booty a little fitter, me living peacefully with my new phone (read: No Charlie-Sheen-like behavior here!) has taught me that when it comes to balance and finding enjoyment and peace in your life, the pursuit of health and happiness is always in your hands. It’s not the phone or the work or the other countless demands you have on you during your day. It’s you. And you have the power with how you’re going to deal with it, react to it and live with it. You decide whether to pick up that call at 9 p.m. or skip that early-morning gym session. While the balancing act of life never ends, you call the shots. And I’m living with my little piece of technology just fine. —Jenn

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  1. this was bound to happen…once you get that qwerty keyboard it’s all down hill..then the smart phones look good…oooh touch screen..ooOH an iphone…wait a droid…next thing you know you are talking droid 2.1 vs. 2.1 or if you fall into the apple group you are saving up for your latest edition of Iphone…the fancy keyboard sucks you in I tell ya lol
    Speaking of whick my new droid comes tomorrow ;-p

  2. ML says:

    Lol – Jenn with an iphone? I guess it does surprise me that you are just now embarking on the journey of technology. The one thing I would say is that don’t start typing up your blogs via voice command – I just think it could end up as one of those ‘damnyouautocorrect’ displays ;P