Everything You Need to Know About Barefoot Running in a Book

barefoot-running-bookBefore we really begin this review, let me be clear on one thing: I have not been barefoot running nor do I really desire to try running on the sidewalk with just my bare tootsies. However, despite this admission, I am fascinated with the idea of barefoot running. After all, man was not originally created sporting a pair of kick-ass Nikes. And the whole theory that barefoot running is more natural and allows you to better develop your natural gait and the itty-bitty muscles in your feet thereby leading to less injury, makes sense to me. Seriously. Have you seen the Kenyans?

This is pretty much the premise for the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Running. And like other books in the Complete Idiot’s line, it delivers a how-to guide that covers pretty much everything you’d ever need to know about a subject with fun little facts and trivia sprinkled in. From learning how to gradually work barefoot running into your jogging routine to how to pick the right minimalist shoe (many are like these socks, but they’re not socks; they’re shoes—ahhh, they fascinate me with their webbed-toeness) to how to perfect your gait and run on any terrain barefoot, it truly answers any questions you might have about barefoot running. (And, yes, those minimalist toe shoes take some time to get used to—and, at first, some maneuvering to get on, according to the book’s authors.)

Even with all of my new barefoot-running knowledge—including the author’s knowledge that stepping on sharp stuff and hurting your feet is pretty uncommon and that actually running barefoot brings a new awareness (read: look where the heck you’re stepping) to your run, I’m still wary of jogging completely sans shoes. I live in an urban area, and running on my asphalt street and graveled jogging path just doesn’t seem fun to me. (Plus, I don’t have the best track record with injuries and the foot.) But minimalist footwear that gives you the best of both worlds? Now that you may see a review on soon…

Want to read this book for yourself and see if barefoot running is your bag, baby? Leave a comment with why you want to win, and we’ll select a random commenter. U.S. residents only, pretty please!  —Jenn


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