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We’re Putting Four New Nike Running Shoes to the Test

Every woman loves shoes, right? Well, we have a bit of a running-shoe fetish, as you can see from the Nike running- and workout-shoe reviews below! And, full disclosure: Nike sent us the first one to try for our objective review. And the rest? Well, Tish is known for many things: her humor, her laugh, her love of TP—and her enormous foot size. So for the rest of the running-shoe reviews, she’s giving you the deets from what she learned while on this Chicago trip.

Nike-FreeXTQuickFitFREE XT Quick Fit+

So these aren’t purely running shoes, but you can run in the super-lightweight FREE XT Quick Fit+, so we’re reviewing them. You can also bike, lift weights, hit a boot-camp class and do plyometrics in them. And I did all of that in them to test them out. The verdict? Love! If you’re someone who is interested in having less cushion and plushy-ness while still being supported, this shoe is for you. With “full-length multidirectional flex grooves” (that’s what Nike calls them and anything with the word “groove” in it makes us wiggle our bottoms and smile) on the bottom, you can easily flex, twist and move, making them great for any type of activity where you have to change directions quickly (like those terrible suicide drills they made us do in tennis practice in high school). But as I learned on numerous runs, they’re also great for intervals and fast runs. I’ve been really working on my goal of running a faster mile, and while these didn’t perform well on long runs, they are bad-ass on short ones, almost making you feel like you’re in a racing shoe. And at $85 a pair? You really can’t go wrong with this shoe for your general workout (plus some running) needs.

lunar elite, shoe, running shoe, nikeLunarElite+ 2

My foot size is definitely an issue, but luckily Nike makes shoes for the abnormally large. (I’m a size 11, folks.) This is important for not only me, but also for the Nike crew I met with in Chicago for the Nike Spring running line-launch. If they had shown me the LunarElite+2 and then broken the news that the darn thing didn’t come in my size, I may have hurt someone. I swear Nike’s shoes will be as light as feathers before they’re done. The LunarElite+ 2  is lighter, more flexible and better fitting than past Nike shoes. (Good to know if you have funky long toes like I do.) They kept the same responsive cushioning, which is dope if you’re on that new barefoot-or-close-to-it trip. Flywire technology draws the top of the shoe securely around the foot. Flex grooves along the bottom of the shoe are meant to increase flexibility for a smooth transition from heel to toe. I swear the minute you pick one up and feel how light and lovely it is, you’ll swoon.  

Air Max 2011+nike, air max shoe, running shoe

The Air Max  followed in the LunarElite+ shoe’s footsteps (har har). This is definitely the cross-trainer that makes my heart do flops. The shoe sports that new soft, reliable cushioning Nike is so keen on, but the latest Air Max generation shoe comes equipped with a track-spike, Nike Hyperfuse technology for better support, more ventilation and a seamless feel with less weight.

lunar haze shoe, running shoe, nike, runlunarhaze +2

The LunarHaze+ 2  comes out in March. It’s definitely my Cinderella shoe that I’ll be scooping up for my next big run. With the combination of  cushioning and the functional dynamic support that supports both mild underpronators and moderate overpronators, this is the perfect shoe for the wonky-footed. The design also features the Flywire technology that gives you a great fit, making this a great sneaker. I had a chance to run in these while in Chicago and that run felt great—I felt like I was running on air. My feet were so light and not one darn blister…and that’s after a five-mile run!  I have a feeling it’s the beginning of a beautiful running relationship.

What’s your favorite running shoe? —Tish & Jenn

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  1. Brigitte says:

    I absolutely love my Nike LunarElites and my sister does, too! We are training for our first 5k together and we noticed a difference in stride, foot strike, and less fatigue after running with these shoes for the first time. I also have a large size foot (12) that is difficult to work with, but Nike always fits perfectly.

  2. Heather A. says:

    I have had a long time love affair with the Nike Zoom Structure Triax, but a recent over training injury led me to the store and I fell (newly) in love with the Nike Zoom Equalon 4- more structure AND more support! *sigh* Not the cool new Frees, but they are heaven to me!

  3. Sarah says:

    I know I’m old school, but the Nike Pegasus is such a great shoe. I’m still running in my 28’s but I hear good things about the 29.

  4. Debra says:

    I absolutely love and only run in vibrams. Five years and counting!

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