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Happy 2011! And in typical FBG New-Year fashion, we’re kicking off 2011 with a flurry of awesome and inspiring content to get you your fittest and happiest evah! Evah! This entire week—so aptly titled “New Year, New Rear”—we’re giving you more posts every day to help become your best and fittest self ever. No matter where you are on your journey, we’ll give you the ins and outs of how to live a healthy lifestyle and actually enjoy it. After all, life is too short to not have a damn good time. From the best workout DVDs we’ve ever tried to how to reach your biggest goals to how to overcome emotional eating and how to motivate yourself past January 31—this week will deliver a serious ka-pow to your New Year. Make sure you’re coming back to FBG daily to check it all out.

Also, it wouldn’t be a New Year if we didn’t share our goals and resolutions with you. We are real people too, ya know! Below is the one thing that each of the FBGs are working on in 2011. So fun to see the FBG family expand, too…

Erin’s New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to try to cut down on my sugar intake. With new-baby exhaustion and the holiday stress, I’ve been grabbing one too many cookies as a quick pick-me-up. I’ll also work on that self control so that one treat doesn’t turn into five!

Kristen’s New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to try fitting in some early morning workouts, specifically biking and swimming at the gym. I never work out before I start with work—if I get up early, I just start working early, but I would love to get up extra early one or two days a week and get in a really solid workout before my day starts. I know it’s just a matter of making it a habit, and the New Year is the perfect time to start, don’tcha think?

Jenn’s New Year’s Resolution: After seeing food documentaries like this and having a better understanding of how our food impacts the environment, I’ve decided to go vegetarian for the month of January. Depending on how I like it, I’ll either continue it through 2011 or become a flexitarian, who chooses meatless more than meaty most of the time!

Tish’s New Year’s Resolution: It’s no secret that the Spartan Race just about killed me. While I’m grateful I made it down off that hill, I’m still not so thrilled with the aftereffects of that darn challenge. I have bruises, cuts, a sore back and a lung infection that I associate with that day. For 2011, I have but one goal: I want to enjoy the races and workouts that come my way. They say it’s better to work at something you love. I want to find the joy in sweating once again.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? No matter what it is, we say bring it on, 2011! —Jenn

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    Jenn, I LOVE your New Year’s resolution! As a vegetarian, I am totally supportive of anyone wanting to cut down on their meat intake – whether just to do “Meatless Mondays,” to go full-on veg*n, or anything in between! Right on!

    My New Year’s resolution isn’t really a resolution – I just want to continue on the path of healthy living that I started on January 1, 2010 (I discovered your blog a couple of weeks later and have been reading it daily ever since). I made so many positive changes last year – I got back into running (and ran in three road races), eliminated meat from my diet altogether (I was a veg-leaning flexitarian and gradually went full veggie starting in the summer), added strength training workouts, got a road bike and started riding, and did lots of yoga! I lost 15 pounds but gained several back during my vacation in France (SO! MUCH! CHEESE!). I feel like I am just starting to hit my stride and some of my healthy habits are becoming second nature now, so I want to continue in that path and I think good things will happen for me in 2011. I’d like to lose more weight and get down to my happy weight this year, but I’m not stressing about it because I know that I have set the wheels in motion and if I keep up what I am doing, it will happen for me. I also have a couple of goals (not really resolutions) – I am registered for my first 10 mile race and my first half marathon this spring. And I’d like to have a reason to start frequenting the Fit Bottomed Mama blog. =) But I’m not calling those resolutions.