Booty Capris and a T-Shirt We’re Obsessed With

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Pay no attention to the waify model. This top is flattering for women of all sizes.

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea that Nordstrom had an activewear line, Zella. And, people, it’s cute. Like so cute. The line features a variety of fashionable performance pieces, of which I got to test two—a top and capris—courtesy of the Zella PR folks.

First let’s talk about the top—because I’m totally smitten with it. The Zella Z T 3 Tee may have a bit of a funky name, but it more than makes up for it with this super-flattering shirt. Made of super-soft cotton with a little stretch, it’s OMG comfortable. The curved seams elongate and create cute curves (hooray for curves!) and the ruching along the front is both breathable and forgiving. If you’re looking for a new Pilates or yoga top that has a little more coverage than a tank or a halter, ladies, I have found it. It’s Nordstrom quality, machine-washable and sells for $32. Worth it!

Say hello to the Zella Booty Capris.

I also tried the Zella Booty Capris. These had a much higher price tag at $52 (for me, once you get up over $35 for any piece of workout apparel, I start wondering how much I really need said item), and while I did like them, I wasn’t obsessed with them like I was the tee. The capris fall a little high for capris—almost more like long shorts would—which just never seem to look great on me. Next, and this is pretty minor, but because there’s no tag (seemingly a good thing at first!), sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s the front and what’s the back (um, awkward). More than once I put them on the wrong way—once when I just wasn’t paying attention and another when I had to get dressed in the dark before my husband woke up—and had to switch them around later after finally figuring out how a soft pair of capris like this could so quickly go from soft and comfy to bunchy and wedgie-producing.

There are three really awesome things about this pair of capris though. First, the name has booty in it. They get points right there. Second, the material is amazing. It’s stretchy, moisture-wicking and it doesn’t collect dog hair. I’m not sure how they do it, but all clothes should be made of the material. Third, it has a hidden key pocket, and I’m always a fan of that.

While I tended to like the T-shirt quite a bit more than the capris, I’d highly recommend the line to anyone in the market for new workout clothes, especially apparel for Pilates, yoga or group exercise classes. You can shop for the pieces in Nordstrom stores (I picked mine up in the store and got to try them on to ensure a perfect fit) or online, and with a moderate price-point, high-quality fabrics and some serious cuteness, all I can say is that Nordstrom did good. Zella-rifically good, in fact. —Jenn


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  1. I have several Zella pieces from Nordstrom Rack. I love the ‘live in leggings.’ They are supportive and long. They were surprisingly cool during hot weather.

  2. I love the Zella line of activewear. I pick them up, usually on sale at Nordstrom’s Rack.