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What’s in Tish’s Fridge?

Don’t you love raiding peoples’ fridges?! For foodies I think it’s the equivalent of reading one’s palm. You get a sense of who people are by what they keep in their fridge. Unfortunately for me and my guy, Mark, our fridge makes us look pretty darn empty inside right now…(sad face), but we tend to buy in spurts for what we want and/or are craving for the week, so I guess we’re just in a bit of a non-spurt.

Currently my box is filled with the weekend’s leftovers. I had an afternoon party for some of my girlfriends so there’s some apricot cheese from Trader Joe’s. (I’m lactose intolerant, but that didn’t stop me from sampling that slice of heaven. It’s yum! Totally worth the bubble guts.) There’s a big ol’ tub of Caroline Powell’s water recipe, soy milk, Stella Artois beer, some salmon I’m thawing for tomorrow’s dinner, Greek yogurt and my favorite…PICKLES (the zesty flavor). The apples, oranges, mangoes and bananas are all chilling in the fruit bowl, but raspberries, strawberries and holiday grapes from Whole Foods are hanging in the crisper. I don’t know what it is about those darn grapes. They’re heavenly. Sweet and crispy to boot.

The veggie drawer is chock-a-block full of green stuff. We’ve got cucumbers, colorful bell peppers (I eat those things like they’re candy!), mushrooms, Dole spinach and Italian salad blend bags, corn and carrots.

Capers, rose water, minced garlic, kalamata olives, acidophilus, eggs and chutney hang out on the sides of my fridge, along with pumpkin-spice soy milk, juice, chocolate soy milk and almond milk. (The dude makes a lot of smoothies.)

The freezer has mochi ice cream, frozen berries, frozen veggies, coffee, Kashi wheat waffles, Thin Mint cookies and a frozen pizza. It’s a good mix of naughty and nice…just how I like my freezer to be.

I have to admit this fridge project led to an interesting revelation. I asked Mark how he would describe why we stock our fridge the way we do. Together we figured out we’re creatures of habit. We’ll get really into certain meals and have them for weeks until we’re so sick of those ingredients that we have to move on. So our fridge contents are constantly changing. (Hence the kalamata olives and chutney.)

My fridge is a hodgepodge of randomness just itching for new eats. If you have recipes, weird freggies or fruits that you recommend, bring it! I’m all ears. —Tish 



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