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How to Get ‘Unstopably’ Fresh Laundry for Even the Stinkiest of Workout Clothes



Downy fabric softeners have been a staple in my laundry for quite a while. It’s like make-up for me. When I find something I like, I stick with it—and get really mad when it’s discontinued. So when I got the opportunity to try Downy Unstopables, a “wash scent booster” said to last up to 12 weeks on towels, activewear and other fabrics needing freshening, I was curious to see how it would work, especially on the stinkiest of stinky clothes.laundry detergent

I tried the Fresh scent, as I’m not so much into the flowery scents and usually like more clean-smelling laundry. To be honest, I was a little leery of how my clothes were going to come out and how the product was going to work. Downy Unstopables are these little pebbles that almost resemble Dippin’ Dots but are hard, and you put them directly in with your clothes just before you wash them. I immediately wondered if the pebbles were going to still be there when the load was done washing, but I put my fears aside and did some laundry for the team.

And dirty laundry I did. The first batch of clothes I watched with the Unstopables were worn at a turkey fry—if you’ve been to one you know what I mean. My hubs and I both came back smelling like fried food and smoke from the fire. Thankfully, our clothes came out smelling fresh after the wash. Not overly strong smelling, yet definitely not smelling like a turkey fry, I was actually pretty shocked.

unstopablesNot to mention that my pebble-fears went unfounded and everything came out just fine. Using Unstopables is almost easier than adding liquid softener because it’s less of a mess. The little pebbles are easy to measure, too—you just use as much or as little as you want in the cap and pour it in the wash.

Jenn tried tried the Lush scent and reported that it even worked on the rankest-smelling workout gear she could find: Her husband’s long-sleeved T-shirt that went backpacking for a week and never came back smelling the same. While the Lush does have a strong lavender scent, she says it’s far more pleasant than gorilla-man stench. (Gotta love those boys!) Not to mention that Downy Unstopables are totally safe to use on activewear (unlike traditional liquid fabric softener, which isn’t recommended).

Overall, I would recommend these if you are looking for an easy way to freshen clothes without the liquid. It definitely kept my laundry smelling fresh. And since the freshness can last up to 12 weeks, the $9-ish price tag doesn’t smell too bad!



Have you tried Downy Unstopables? How do you keep your activewear smelling fresh? —Kelsey

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  1. I need to try this for my yoga clothes – they always have that “off” smell. 🙁

  2. Ivori says:

    Yes, I have tried Downy Unstoppables.

    I won a free sample from Facebook and this products just like Downy says it does 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Is formulated to be good for tech fabrics? Most sites and care labels say not to use fabric softeners on performance fabrics because it “clogs up” the tiny little wicking fibers that take the sweat away. Once the sweat and bacteria get stuck, things start gettin’ funky.

  4. Christine says:

    I am obsessed with this stuff! It makes a huge difference in my laundry results

  5. Dawn T. says:

    I’ve been putting a cup of baking soda in each wash, but it’s not getting out the smell in my running clothes. I’m going to try this! Thanks for the post.

  6. Julie L. says:

    I just always wonder about anything with a scent. Aren’t we bombarded enough everyday with toxins? Clean shouldn’t smell anything. Then again when you have super stinky clothes, it’s good to know that there’s a way to get them clean instead of throwing them out 🙂

  7. I absolutly LOVE this product! It has all my clothes smelling great for days on end even my workout clothes keep the smell after I workout in them! Unstoppables can’t be stopped!!

  8. Leslie says:

    I add vinegar to my load (along with a free & clear detergent) and it seems to take away the funk quite well. I have to be very careful with scented anything, so for folks who can’t do scents I would recommend vinegar.

  9. Shari says:

    I’m allergic to Downey but use Gain and I swear by it. I’m going to guess they all help a lot. Gain has a wonderful, clean smell.

  10. Tina says:

    I have been looking for a product like this ~ you are not supposed to use dryer sheets with Lululemon workout gear and mine really need some freshening. I am glad I stumbled across this page!

  11. Judy says:

    Can vinegar be added in addition to Downey unstoppable‘s ? I’m dealing with cigar smoke odors

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