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Biggest Loser 13 Episode 5: Aqua Team Is Back (And So Is the Conda Drama)

biggest loser 13

Conda, being mean to people really isn't funny.

*SPOILER ALERT* This Biggest Loser 13 recap reveals details from last night’s episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and who was voted off of Biggest Loser 2012, click away, my friend, click away!

So last night, I did something I’ve never done while watching The Biggest Loser. I muted it whenever one particular person spoke. That one particular person is Conda. I generally don’t like to talk ish on anyone, but when you’re taking a show that I love and is about bettering people, and you turn it into Jerry Springer? Well, that’s just not cool. You get muted. (If you’ve been letting Conda make your blood boil, I suggest the mute button. Does wonders for your blood pressure.) And if Kim keeps it up as Conda’s bud, she might get muted, too. No negativity in my personal free time, thankyouverymuch.

So now that I’ve addressed that, let’s get to the rest of the show. The aqua team came back, and by losing more than 50 combined pounds in a month, they were able to stay on the ranch for good. (Or until they get voted off, which may be ASAP since the teams did not welcome them with open arms.) While Adrian did probably talk a little too much game (no one works out 14 hours a day…), the aqua team was a true breath of fresh air, I thought. Yeah, they probably went a little easy since they had immunity, but they went from losing a bunch of weight on their own to coming into a super hostile environment and managed to keep their heads screwed on. (And they don’t have a mute button!) It’ll be interesting to see how Adrian and Daphne do next week! And Adrian’s story? Heart wrenching. Not to mention he wears an ascot.

Also notable was the trampoline/ball challenge on the beach. Besides providing plenty of ball-joke fodder on Twitter, it just looked like a really cool challenge. Oh, and Bob did one of the best-known CrossFit workouts, “Fran,” with his team. I’ll just go ahead and admit that I’ve done Fran twice now, and they all beat my time. Sure, they did jumping pull-ups and didn’t seem to be really squatting down on their thrusters (yes, I said thrusters), but still. That workout is not for the faint of heart—or for beginners. Which is why I appreciated Bob’s trainer tip on episode five so much—ease into working out to prevent injury.

And then there was the elimination. All I could do was scratch my head at them sending Nancy, AKA Gangsta-Mom home. Obviously Conda has some alliance-protection going on or something. Regardless, we’ll focus on the positive by sharing a video of how G-Ma was doing at home. White old lady can bust a move and rap!

Can’t see the video? Click here to see how Nancy is doing at home.

Did you watch last night’s The Biggest Loser? Are you as annoyed by the petty drama and bad attitudes as we are? —Jenn


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  1. Doris Litman says:

    I barely watch this show anymore even when I’m watching it. I don’t find these contestants inspiring. I find them annoying. Yeah Adrian did BS a bit too much. But Conda & Kim are whiny and irritating in my opinion. I also think none of these contestants have ever watched The Biggest Loser before going on. If they had, they wouldn’t have been so shocked that the aqua team had a chance to return.

    I’m just about over this show. As much as I love Bob & Dolvett, the completely uninspiring cast of characters leave me cold. And it saddens me to say that because this show inspired me to lose weight and become healthier…

  2. Megan says:

    I always muted Austin from BL11 and Ramone from BL 12. It looks like Conda might get muted in BL 13!

  3. Katie says:

    It is unbelievable they go on the show to lose weight and become healthier not to have friendships although that is an added bonus. It’s like watching a high school lunch room all over again!!! The drama is really annoying they need to grow up a little and concentrate on what they went to the ranch for! If they don’t like something someone says or they don’t like someone channel your attitude into your workout and you’ll do twice as better as everyone who’s more worried about what this person or what that person said or is doing!!! I watch the show because I’m doing a biggest loser workout and I want to be inspired by their weight loss and how their changing as a person. But it just annoys me all the drama there! If your going to act like high schooler’s then let someone who’s more mature and has more of a want to be on the ranch so they can have better results!!! Hopefully the drama will subside so that way people can start enjoying the show again!!!!

  4. Kim says:

    Conda & Kim are acting like middle school girls. Grow up & let things be. If Adrian is going to succeed or sink his own ship, he will do so in time. Too bad eye rolling doesn’t count as exercise because C does plenty of that.

    Otherwise I like the show. I was sorry to see Nancy go, though she seems to be doing well at home.


  5. Val says:

    What a great idea to mute Conda!……she’s getting on my nerves and has since day one…..and Kim is starting to as well. I don’t understand the weird alliance-protection thing either. She needs to go. Originally, this show seemed to eliminate those that could be a threat, now it’s about the weakest link, sometimes, but Nancy had a good loss, but she rarely competes in the challenges. Still don’t get it. I don’t feel inspired at all with this season…..usually I can find one person who gets me motivated. There’s too much high school drama……I have kids in high school, I don’t need that in my drive to lose 50 by 50.

  6. Mackenzie says:

    I agree with you on Conda and Kim… so not a fan of Conda and I don’t like the way Kim is turning, I hope she gets out of the Conda trap before it gets ugly. The Biggest Loser should be a positive show, and while it will come with a little drama (I mean these people are spending every day together), ithas never been to this extent. I’m not a big fan of the drama that she has been bringing to the show and I hope in the future BL keeps the drama at bay.

  7. Karen says:

    I can’t stand this young angry drama queen Conda. She is obviously an unhappy person. She is alway talking behind everyone’s back and was even confronted by Nancy that she gossips too much about the new guy Adrian. Did we forget about Conda rolling her eyes at her own trainer? Conda reminds me of a Snookie if she was 200lbs heavier, but even a fat Snookie would be more pleasant than Conda. Conda good luck losing your weight because even if you do lose all the weight you want, you will still be the miserable person that you are. Something tells me if she did lose weight she would become an even more evil person.

  8. Melissa says:

    I DVR the show so that I can fast forward through the Conda and Kim moments. If Conda had any shame, maturity or a conscience, she would be ashamed of herself. Unfortunately for her, she seems to have none of those qualities. I’m not surprised that they didn’t send Conda home, despite the fact that her weight loss is inconsistent and her attitude is in the toilet. I think at the end of the show in the credits there’s a statement about the producers being consulted on final decisions. I can’t imagine that they would allow the others to vote someone like Conda or Kim off the show. They’re the drama makers, the ones we all love to hate and comment about the next day. I want to see more of Bob’s team — the team that actually gets along. I want to know more of their stories and hear about their weight loss journeys. I could do without the red team. I fully expect either Adrian or Santa (can’t remember his name) to go next. They’re not fully vetted in the nastiness of the rest of the team. And one last comment … I would LOVE for someone to tell Conda to keep her mouth shut and just listen, like they told Adrian.

  9. I am finally all caught up after traveling for the last few shows. Ohh Conda needs to grow up. She doesn’t realize that her daughter is going to grow up just like her, what a shame.

    Of course the show doesn’t want Conda to go…it’s good for the ratings. But someone does need to tell her and Kim to shut their mouths.

    This season is crazy. So much drama and negativity, no wonder the numbers aren’t that great. And it doesn’t help that Bob rolls his eyes and talks smack about Dolvett. They all need to grow up LOL

  10. D says:

    I guess I’m one of the sheep today because I had really hoped Conda would have gone home. She lost 2 lbs. Lets face it, I’m pretty sure that aqua team waterloaded since they had immunity, no way the first week on the ranch they wouldn’t lose that little amount of weight. they waterloaded so they could have huge losses next week, so sorry Conda should have went home, 2 lbs and they send Nancy home who did better than a lot of them. Not right, I find Conda to be toxic to all her teammates. Her eye rolling, her negativity, if she were on my team I would vote for her everytime. It is not a cohesive team with that kind of negativity and really Mark? During talks about who to vote out, this is when you decide to bring up the game playing, you knew that aqua man was going to vote for you after that. Nancy was the one positive team member, now I feel like they are going to eat each other up. Grrrrr I really wish that percentage of weight loss for that week got you voted off. If your team lost, you went if you were the lowest, sorry and I understand some weeks can be hard for some people but I feel its really the only fair way. I get why they vote people off, for the drama of it all but it is getting OLD watching it.

  11. Lori Connors says:

    This is the absolute worst season of BL ever! I have never seen so many uninspired, just plain old don’t get it, folks! I hope when the contestants watch themselves on tv they get a good old dose of reality but honestly they probably will think they are right. I don’t see any of these people learning….I think they will all be back to their same old habits and weight in no time at all.

  12. Ashley says:

    I was so hoping Conda would be voted off! I can’t stand her. She and all of the others are there for a good reason. Being jealous of someone or insecure about a new person is ridiculous. She and the others should have welcomed him and given him pointers other than to be quiet. Sure, he made a bad first impression, but he’s probably still thinking they were all still the people they were on the first day: bubbly with hope. They should have seen his perspective and he should have seen theirs. Either way, the drama is ridiculous.

  13. Julie says:

    I am really disappointed in this season. The drama and negativity….especially from Conda. I feel like I’m watching a bunch of high schoolers! Kim is almost as bad. Gossiping and giggling about their teammate? Grow up!

    There is no one that I really am rooting for yet and it’s weeks in! Maybe Emily.

    Sigh. I love Bob. But I miss Jillian.

  14. lifeisgood04 says:

    What I do appreciate about this show is that it shows people that weight loss is not consistent. My sister will have a great week of weight loss then it will taper off, she gets frustrated and quits. I do like seeing just 2 pounds of weight loss on some of these contestants. Our bodies readjust and reboot…it’s natural.

    As far as the drama, the editors are doing a great job of showing us the bratty catty side of Conda…I’m hoping there is much less eye rolling and attitude we are not seeing off camera. It’s the only explanation as to why she is still on the ranch.

  15. Arin says:

    Conda is worse than Vicky was, and I can’t stand it. I watch BL for inspiring weight-loss journeys that keep me grounded on mine. I understand there will always be some friction, but this is ridiculous. I just rewatched Season 11 on Netflix, and the contrast is beyond striking.

  16. Brittany says:

    Conda is one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever had to watch. You’re a mother. I hope someone never treats your child like she treats other people. She’s a pig of a person and I don’t mean that physically. I’m not an aggressive person and I’ve never done this to anyone but if I saw her I would spit on her. So immature and irrational. Saying she wants to kick someone bc he’s standing behind her. And Kim validating her makes it worse. You are an adult. Grow up. I’m so glad the older woman with the white hair said something to them.

  17. Meg says:

    I will totally mute Conda. She is all trash talk. She lost the challenge to Cassandra and accused her of cheating, which the video clearly proves Cassandra wasn’t and in fact, it looked like Conda was slacking more. All I see is a sad little girl who takes out her hatred for herself on everyone around her.

    Adrian came in with some swagger because he worked his butt off at home and won the challenge the show gave him. He should celebrate! He wiped up everyone in the first workout with Dolvett and Conda’s response is… well that was an easy workout. Karma is a Conda, watch out girl; spread hate, get hate. Welcome to the grown up world.

    Team Aqua is the only reason I’m watching the show. If they get eliminated, I’m out. No other inspiring or redeeming characters this season. Sad sad sad.

  18. Angie says:

    Conda is the worst contestant ever and she has a bad attitude towards not only Adrian as well as some other team mates but even towards Dolvett. When she rolls her eyes that shows just how disrespectful she really is. How can the casting be done to allow someone like her on the show who has no respect for others and who is clearly just a drama queen, and screen out thousands of others out there who are WAY more deserving of a spot on that ranch than her. I can’t stand her and if she doesn’t get voted off soon, i’m just going to stop watching it altogether. Seriously, what kind of cast is this? Not inspiring at all, and if I wanted to watch this much drama, I would tune in to daytime soap operas.

  19. Michelle T. says:

    There are a bunch of haters on that ranch this season. This episode made me really mad and I am having a hard time finding anyone I want to cheer on this season.

  20. B says:

    If I was the black guy on the show I would have told the whole red team off and work on my own. They didn’t even give the guy a chance and they are telling to not talk and only listen. Who the hell do these people think they are? The red team especially Conda and that other girl are disgusting and I hope they fail miserably. I just want to smack them both.

  21. Emily says:

    Conda is the worst, most negative and mean spirited person that’s been on that show in years. So many people would give their left eye to be on that show and she can’t stop with the attitude for 5 seconds.

  22. Ctina says:

    LMFAO about Conda and the mute button! I hate to say that a character is a terrible person, especially when you don’t know what’s been edited out or taken out of context, but really, Conda? Some of the things that come out of your mouth shock the heck out me. It’s like this girl has never been on any sports team, in any challenging situation, worked hard for anything in her life. How can she not see Dolvett is pushing her for a reason, and that reason is to help her? I have never seen anyone who is more resistant to criticism or being pushed. I wonder if the show is trying to vilify her on purpose – they tend to to that to one character every season.

    I feel really bad for the woman. I don’t know how you can achieve anything in this life with an attitude like that, and I hope to God it is an act for the cameras, or just an angry producer cackling to himself in the editing room.

    This Biggest Loser is not what Biggest Loser is about. And, I’m ashamed to watch it.

  23. Angela says:

    I agree with the “Conda gotta go” comments. Thanks for the tip on muting her, although I would rather someone on the show call her on her immature behaviour, then kick her off. If I have to see one more eye roll I think I might be tempted to stop watching all together. Even my eleven year old doesn’t behave that poorly.

  24. katherine says:

    Conda is a menace not only to herself but to everyone around her. did she grow up in the same house as her brother? do you know what she does for a living? I feel sorry for her daughter she should be ashamed of herself. Maybe she wants to live at the Jersey shore. where did they find her?????

  25. Michelle says:

    Okay, I normally just read, never comment, but I to am over the drama of Coda and Kim. They didn’t even take a second to offer props for the wieght loss of these two people. They only had each other, no chef, no isolation from the real world, no trainer on them, but in 4 weeks they both lost over 25 lbs! I’m sorry if anyone needs to shut up and listen it would be Kim and Conda. Maybe take a moment to say “How did you do that in the real world” rather than hate and sabatoge! this is a show of support and improvement not a show of treating everyone like dog poop.! Conda and Kim need to be on Jersey shore, real housewifes, MTV’s real world 300 or something not on a show that is meant to be inspiring.

  26. Michael says:

    I too cannot stand that Conda. Her attitude is absolutely disgusting — a true indicator of her own respect for herself. I sure hope she is voted off very soon or else I’m out. This is the worst season yet for BL totally because of that fat pig with an attitude Conda.

  27. jane says:

    “Ana Conda” is squeezing the life out of my fav show. I only turn on the TV for this show. I love how a group of people pull together and accomplish so much as a team and give so much to each other. Holy cow, this season is awful with the trailer park attitude. Why oh why did not Kim or anaconda get voted off? Poor Dolvett.

  28. JAIME says:

    I have 2 small children so the only time I actually sit down to watch tv is to watch the biggest loser, and honestly this season, I could care less if I watch it or not. Conda has got to be the single most negative and annoying person ever on the show, seriously she has took a very positive show and turned it into a gripe fest. Come on people, why is she not going home already????
    If she doesn’t leave soon, I really don’t see myself finishing out watching this season!!

  29. cyndi says:

    I’m done with The Biggest Loser! This season is full of “Conda” drama and control. How NBC allowed such a strife starter to control the show as Conda has been allowed to do is beyond me. The show has lost focus and the real reason people tune in every season – to get motivated to lose weight! Daphne and her brother were treated poorly – period. Shame on you NBC and Biggest Loser for allowing this piss poor performance and behavior to happen on your watch. I WILL NOT watch the rest of this season, and I’m seriously considering not watching future seasons. Very bad…:(

  30. godiva says:

    i have considered never watching this show again. shame on the producers to allow this Anaconda to turn this into the negative drama it has become. she is nothing but a big fat snake!!!

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