A Documentary Worth Watching: May I Be Frank

documentaryIt’s no secret that I love inspirational (and usually educational) documentaries. So when I was recently in Los Angeles for “work,” and Tish and I had the chance to attend a digital launch of one? Well, color me jazzed. And dressy, but not too dressy. And at the hippity dippity capital of the U.S.: Agape International Spiritual Center.

It was kind of like being transported into a new world to tell you the truth. Used to being goofy and loud—and many times considerest the weirdest people in the room—Tish and I found ourselves surrounded by people who were true hippies. Faces painted, hugs given, they were feeling the love, yo. And once the documentary—May I Be Frank—started playing so were we.

may i be frank
Jason Mraz, scruffy and sounding good from afar.

A documentary about life change, Frank Ferrante—a 54-year-old Sicilian from Brooklyn living in San Francisco—goes from overweight and unhealthy (both in body and mind, as he struggles with depression, alcoholism and addiction) to learning to live his best authentic life. The movie begins when Frank stumbles into a raw, organic and vegan restaurant called Café Gratitude, becomes friends with the staff, and then embarks on a journey with them to eat raw, get active by taking regular walks and be coached by Café Gratitude employee Ryland, Ryland’s brother Cary, and his best friend Conor.

With just the right mix of crassness, reality and humor—the hilarious colon-cleansing scenes are not easily forgotten—it’s truly a heart-touching movie about transformation. It’s hard and uncomfortable at times to watch, but Frank is almost impossible not to love. Through it all, he’s himself. And, just like the Café Gratitude boys strive for, eating better, moving and learning to love himself does wonders for Frank.

A feel-good panel discuss on love and transformation.

After screening May I Be Frank, Jason Mraz popped on the scene to sing a song (he was rather scruffy yet endearing in person), and then there was a panel discussion about my favorite topic: loving yo’self! On the panel was Michael Bernard Beckwith (you might recognize him from The Secret), Frank and Ryland from the documentary, “The 3 Foot Giant” Sean Stephenson and his lady friend Mindie, Mikkie and Nadia Willis of Elevate Films, and Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love. Seriously, a feel-good time that left me inspired, invigorated and really grateful for all the people in the world who are looking to make it a better place and doing so with such grace, honesty and authenticity. It’s what life is all about!

Have you ever watched May I Be Frank? Want to? Ever been to a movie event like this one where you get to hear the peeps in the doc talk? Tell us about it! —Jenn


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  1. I haven’t seen this one but I’ll definitely look for it. I have been to the Agape Center surprisingly enough, I flew out with a friend of mine and had signed up for a seminar while we were out there about being self aware enough to open yourself up to love. It too was kind of hippy dippy at first, but it got better once you got over the initial “I don’t know these people why are they touching me”