Living With a Fit Bottomed Dude

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He trains FBGs!

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Living with a Fit Bottomed Dude is definitely interesting. It involves 24/7 fit talk. The man manages a gym, he trains and he’s a workout warrior, so I’m constantly finding myself in conversations about lactic acid, playlists for Spin classes, the new hotness in gym equipment…It’s hilarious how things work out. (No pun intended.)

People ask me all the time what it’s like to live with a trainer/gym manager. Besides the fact that I have to listen to him putting together playlists for his classes every night, it’s pretty much nothing like any other relationship I’ve ever been in. (You thought I was going to say it’s normal, didn’t you? Ha! Fooled you!)

Living with a Fit Bottomed Dude means I’m constantly witnessing random ish. By “random,” I mean he’ll be chilling on the couch one minute, and the next he’s mimicking the perfect squat. I’m not gonna lie. It’s scared me and caused me to pull my chin into my throat in shock on a number of occasions.

Typical FBD baggage.

It also means I hear nothing but stuff like, “I’m hungry. I had four workouts today. Protein, please!” There’s no chilling and being lazy in bed on a Sunday morning, either. A Fit Bottomed Dude says he wants to relax, but that just means an extra five minutes in bed. Then he’s up wanting to hike, run or do something that involves movement. He went crazy the first time we went to the beach together. The man can’t just lay out. He has to be playing football or kicking up sand like a kid who’s had one too many candy bars.

Living with this kind of dude also means I get teased by association. People are always giving us a hard time about our eating habits…we MUST be total health nuts who only eat sprouts and hug every dang tree that comes across our path. Yes, we enjoy making homemade granola, but pizza is also my favorite meal of all time. ALL TIME. I have to deal with people’s shock when they figure out I’m not a clean-eating machine.

Living with an FBD means I never get to skip out on a workout that I want to avoid just because. There are no excuses in an FBD household!

There are lots of perks, though. I can always count on there being some sort of workout toy laying around that I can use on the weekends. I always have a workout buddy if I need one. (The man will never turn down a run, walk, hike, or lunge around the block.) I have someone who supports my healthy eating habits (when pizza gets old) and is always up for new things…including my barley and quinoa goals!

In a nutshell, living with a Fit Bottomed Dude is pretty darn good for the mind, body and soul. These fellas are the kind of gentlemen who motivate us to keep striving to be better versions of ourselves. It’s the best kind of dude to have! Weird, yes. But he keeps me on my toes with his quirkiness. I get videos like this often. Keeps life entertaining. Isn’t my little jumping jack frog cute?!

Can’t see the video? Click  here to watch typical Fit Bottomed Dude behavior.

What about you? Are you dating/married to/besties with a Fit Bottomed Dude? What weird but lovely quirks does he bring to your life? —Tish

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  1. Mark says:

    That guy looks like an animal

  2. Celina Yanez says:

    I’ve witnessed his shananigans and he is a pretty awesome FBD. I <3 both of you 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    Very cute and really nice. Thank you so much https://fitbottomedgirls.com/.