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5 Healthy Ways to Eat Egg Whites

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egg-whites-585We may keep the lid on the junk in the trunk, but we certainly can’t keep a lid on the fact that we love eggs, especially egg whites. And instead of having the mess and inconvenience of cracking eggs, we’re big fans of  Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites here at FBG HQ. A lean and high-quality protein source with no cholesterol or fat, a serving of them has 25 calories and five grams of protein. Talk about a nutritional home run! And if you thought egg whites were only to be used in omelets and scrambled eggs, think again. Egg whites are great in a number of recipes and dishes, including the below!

5 Healthy Ways to Use Egg Whites

1. Protein pancakes. There are a ton of protein pancake recipes out there, but we love this one, and with each serving, you get nine grams of protein. Want to bump it up? Double the amount of egg whites called for. You’ll end up with thinner, more crepe-like pancakes, but you’ll get double the protein! And we promise they’re just as tasty.

2. Smoothies. Forgo the unnatural powders and go with Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites in your smoothies! The egg whites in them are pasteurized, so they’re safe to eat raw, and unlike many protein powders, they don’t really have a taste. So you can easily mix them with your favorite fruits and veggies for a healthy and filling start to your day. Try this raspberry smoothie recipe to get you up and going in the a.m.!

3. In the microwave—with cheese. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. You can make deliciously cheesy eggs in the microwave, in like five minutes. Yea, it’s pretty life changing. See how to make them here, and we recommend getting creative by experimenting with veggies, salsas and dips in your microwaved egg whites!

4. Baking. It’s easy to bake low-fat desserts when you have egg whites! Don’t believe us? Check out the amazing variety of recipes to choose from. White Cake with Berries and Cream…Blueberry-Lemon Coffee Cake…Strawberry Shortcake—the deliciousness goes on and on.

5. “Fried” anything. Like that crispy or fried flavor on chicken or fries? Instead of coating with full eggs, use egg whites! Doing so cuts calories and makes for a light and crunchy batter, no matter if you’re breading or not. Try them in this Sweet Potato Fries recipe—you will not be disappointed.

Now tell us, what’s your favorite way to eat egg whites? Be sure to follow Egg Beaters on Facebook for more fab ideas! —Jenn

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  1. i love putting it in my oatmeal – you can’t taste it and it adds fluff!

  2. Eve says:

    If they’re pasturised, they’re no longer raw…

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