5 Eco-Friendly Finds for Summer

Headed to the beach? Or just outside? Get your earth-friendly product on before you do! Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

Yep, it’s summer! And here at FBG HQ, we’ve been trying more and more to make green, earth-friendly options whenever possible. So, here are just a few of the things that have caught our eye for that summertime healthy and eco-friendly fun!

sunscreen5 Eco-Friendly Products for Summer

1. Sia Botanics Chemical-Free SPF 30. In what has to be one of the cruelest jokes ever, I am both pale and allergic to most commercial sunscreens. So Coppertone? Not an option. Banana Boat? I’ll be in the shade. Hawaiian Tropic. Yeah, I’ll just stay inside today, thankyouverymuch. So I am always on the lookout for new natural sunscreens. And this kind—although super pricey at $27 for four ounces—is just the kind of stuff my body loves.

Moisturizing and made with natural minerals that help even skin tone, it’s like a sunscreen beauty product. It’s kind of hard to rub in (in fact, it leaves a white mark for the first few minutes and then starts to absorb away—so don’t be afraid if you look like a casper after putting it on), so I don’t use it on my body, but for my face it’s ideal. And what I really love about it is that its 72 percent organic; free of parabens, sulfates, colorants and fragrances; vegan; and it has yummy things in it like green tea, white tea, carrot oil and vitamin C. It loves the earth—and your face.


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  1. Yep, sounds like it’s both eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Vitamin C, Greean Tea, and White Tea are great for the skin.

    Thanks for the lovely review.