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I wish I could have picked a better time to share my grub with you, but I’ve always kept it real in the past…would seem pretty silly to stop now. My fella has been away for a couple of weeks now and when the cat’s away, the mouse eats WAY different than she normally would. I admit that with shame. I just don’t really enjoy cooking for just myself. For a week or two I got by on big-ass salads (because I love them), but eventually you have to change your diet up or you go bonkers. Which is exactly what happened to me. The following is my true account of how a bachelorette does it. Don’t judge me.

Breakfast consisted of a blueberry/banana smoothie with protein powder, flax seeds and cinnamon. Plus, oatmeal with blueberries.


Breakfast used to consist of cereal…sugary crack cereal. Then I started crashing an hour after that darling bowl and figured I needed a change up. This breakfast I can stick to even when the dude’s away. Oatmeal and smoothies are hella easy to make and thanks to FBG, there are tons of awesome recipes to switch it up when I start to get bored. I’ve been on this smoothie recipe ever since my detox. It’s delish.

Chicken Masala with naan.

Lunch was fun. Like I said, I’m on my own lately, so I’ve become great friends with my delivery folks. I tend to grab stuff for one. Bad, but I’m working on that.


An apple with peanut butter.

I reviewed a new class with some friends so my appetite was off the chain! As I’ve said before,  I love this snack more than any other right now. It totally hit the spot, too. Two tablespoons of peanut butter (or almond butter sometimes), and I’m a happy, well-fed woman.

Water all day err' day!

I’ve been really good about giving up the juices and sticking with water though! I chugged three bottles before noon. Uncanny camel-like behavior for me.

Chicken empanadas were sooo good.

You may have read Dara’s Fit Bottomed Mamas’ adventures before. She’s a groovy mom with a knack for making yummy foods from scratch. She brought me over some chicken empanadas that I devoured with joy. (Three to be exact. The rest I shared with her darling son…because I’m nice.)

Red wine alone? Why not!

I’ve always had this weird hang-up with drinking alone, but Jenn said I needed to get over that ish and embrace the good stuff in moderation. I had my one glass while watching a rom-com on the telly. That girl is wise beyond her years, I tell ya.

I wish I was a strong-willed healthy horse who cooked clean, nutritious meals even when I’m rolling solo, but sadly I’m not quite there just yet. I definitely get in the good stuff, but I know I could do without the takeout. I’m human, hungry and humble about the things I’m trying to change. That’s a start, right? —Tish

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  1. The chicken empanadas look amazing! Do you happen to know the recipe?! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Maybe not the absolute healthiest of days, but you could have done much worse! (As in, McGriddle for breakfast with a tall full-sugar, full-fat latte, whopper and fries for lunch, and then a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for dinner…) Looks like you didn’t eat too much of anything, and for me, the portion control is at least as important as the actual food. And we all know you don’t eat take out and empanadas every day!

  3. FBG Tish says:

    @Alook Training I’m working on getting you that recipe. Have to run it by Dara 🙂

  4. stacy01 says:

    Hi! I love to read your article. It reminds me the food to consider for my health. It looks delicious and surely it’s tastes too.