Loving the Luscious Luon at Lululemon

My lululemon pal, Molly, models some fun gear. I want these harem pants to come back!

(Say that title five times fast!)

I have a bit of a workout-apparel addiction. The horrible part about that? I’m picky. There are certain fabrics, cuts and styles that I prefer, so shopping is always a big nasty chore for me. When I do find something groovy, I get super excited and proceed to pimp the living heck out of whatever it is I’ve fallen for. Why am I telling you this? Well, to warn you…I’ve found something I love, and I’m about to spit its game to you because I (like Jenn) like to share my joys with those I love. (And I love you!)

The bundle of joy I’m speaking of is a new top at lululemon called the No Limits Tank. If any of you think like me, your wallet-warning sirens just went off. Yes, lululemon clothes can pack a punch. (This top goes for $64.) I usually won’t buy clothes over $30 unless it offers something I can’t get somewhere else for cheaper. This means I usually skip the basic tanks, running shorts and capris from lulu, unless they go on sale (which happens if you’re patient!). That being said, the company comes up with some amazing stuff that I will save my money to buy.

This top makes me squeal!

Working out is important to me. When I was a workout rookie, I’d wear cotton T-shirts and sweat pants, and I’d be soaked in heavy sweat 10 minutes into my workout. Now I know better. Certain workouts require certain gear. So if I know the quality’s superb, I can rationalize a loftier purchase. (I have this one shirt that I’ve washed twice a week for over a year and it’s still as good as new.) The No Limits Tank is one of those tops that I knew I had to have as soon as I tried it on.

It’s made out of this luxurious-feeling material called luon. It’s like a vintage cotton T-shirt made love to a running tank and had the perfect Brangelina + Halle Berry baby. And it’s forgiving in the belly area. I tried it on when I was bloated from my period and still didn’t feel claustrophobic ickiness. I’ve worn it running and to a couple of boot camp-like training sessions and, so far, it’s keeping up with all of my spastic movements. For runs, it keeps me cool and comfortable. It’s got this great elastic at the bottom to keep it perfectly in place when I’m doing any kind of weird bending, so I don’t have to worry about it riding up. Did I mention the fabric feels like butter?! It’s also pretty cool style-wise. (I’ve noticed this one’s selling like hot cakes, so if you can’t find your size there’s a similar tank without the elastic waste band that’s comparable called The Run: For Your Money Tank.)

Love the suggestion board!

This top is just another reason why I adore lululemon. According to my pals at the Studio City, Calif., store, they live for the love, which is why they open stores that cater to personal relationships. You go in the store, you buy something, and then you come back and tell your new lulu friends what you like or don’t like about whatever it is you bought. This is how their stuff keeps getting better and better! I love that they take the customers’ opinions into account. Heck, I’ve even recommended a tank that I’ve never been able to find, so when you see the “Tish Tank” come out, you know I’ll start pimping the crap out of that, too!

I think this might have to go on my gift list for folks, actually. I feel like a goddess whenever I rock it. AND it’s even pink. I don’t DO pink,y’all. I care not about the color, though. The minute I put it on, I feel like I’m some sort of angel gliding through pillows of clouds. Yeah…it’s that good.

If you happen to have a lululemon store in your hood, I dare you to go try the tank on. Then come back here and tell me if I was wrong about the butter, perfect-baby combo, goddess stuff! Do you have a magical piece of workout apparel, too? Do tell! —Tish


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  1. Laney says:

    The “No Limit Tank” is absolutely one of my favorite tanks from Lululemon. I have three and regularly keep my eye out for them on sale. I’ve never tried running in it or doing any more activity than yoga or a barre class, but I am a little bustier. It’s perfect.

  2. courtney says:

    Sadly, these only go to size 10. 🙁

    Happily, I found something nearly identical at JCP, for way cheaper, and it came in a size that fits me. 🙂 I love this style!!

  3. Litz says:

    I am a Lululemon fanatic. I have several stuff from them and I regularly check their site for new ones. Yup, the lulu fits so well and you don’t heat up while working out in their clothes. I know, the price is pretty steep but it is so worth it!!!!!!