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Boston University Offers Students and Faculty a Twist on the Classics

Now THAT’S a climbing wall. Credit: Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center

As part of Fit Bottomed College Week, we’re highlighting a few of the coolest college rec and fitness centers across the country!

Boston University (BU) might be a lesser-known university among the NCAA Division 1 schools, but it certainly doesn’t lack on the fitness facilities it offers to students, faculty, alumni and community members. With 4,000 to 5,000 student users each day, nearly seven percent of the student population take advantage of the workout options each and every day. Way to go, student body! More than 1,000 faculty members are also keeping up their daily workouts as well. Rock on, faculty!

The facilities at Boston University allow members to play basketball (on one of the seven courts available), racquetball, squash or swim in the many pools, including a lazy pool, or lift weights in the fitness area. Sounds like they could be training some of those Olympic athletes with all that equipment. And that’s just a fraction of what this university offers.

According to Kristina Covarrubias, marketing and membership manager of Boston University’s Fitness Center, one of the key elements in bringing back members year after year is the variety of workouts.

A modern look helps it stand out on campus! Credit: Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center

“The diversity of workouts…,” says Covarrubias. “Our members know that workout diversity is critical to their wellness, so they take advantage of our complete variety of programs and facilities.”

BU does not limit the use of the facilities to just the students and faculty members. Thousands of community members can also take advantage of hundreds of recreational activities. They can take part in classes such as aquatics, dance, climbing, mind/body and much more. Sounds like they are doing things Fit-Bottomed style!

Not only does the fitness center provide a workout space for those who want to hit the gym, but it also gives students the opportunity to participate in 32 intramural sports throughout the year. More than 7,000 students participate in intramurals, which include everything from fencing to water polo. Again, very cool, student body! It’s nice to see folks getting in some activity on their own time—and representing the obscure sports!

Covarrubias says one thing they pride themselves in is uniqueness, and not just of the different fitness areas available but also the architecture of the center.

“The beauty of the facility tends to blow people away,” she says. “From the minute you walk in, you see everything going on—the architecture and design lend themselves to an energetic and zen-filled workout experience.”

It goes to show you that even the structural aspect of a fitness center can help motivate members to get in a good solid workout.

So the next time you are in Boston, take a jaunt over to Boston University and give their facility a look-see. Then come back and petition for your local community to up the ante to provide you with a better overall workout, too!

What kinds of activities would you like to see in your college fitness center?—Kelsey

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  1. J.T. says:

    I am glad universities are providing students with such tremendous fitness resources. May they learn not only the hows but the whys as well. My generation, by and large, never got that.


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