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Adidas ClimaCool Running Shoes: They’re Hot and They’re Cool


Ok, so considering Katy Perry is associated with this adidas shoe campaign, that joke is way too obvious, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. We’re all about the obvious jokes around here anyway.

What’s not funny? How cool the adidas ClimaCool shoe is. And it literally is cool. The design of this running shoe is all about making it more breathable and keeping your feet cool. The pros at adidas say that 75 percent of the body’s energy is used to keep from overheating, so the ClimaCool Seduction provides ventilation to keep your dogs from panting. I’m all for saving up energy, so I gave these shoes a shot while I trained (or tried to train) for my recent 10K.

The pros? The shoes I got are red and therefore majorly bad-ass. I can’t even tell you how many times I was given a shout-out for my cool kicks. The bright red was an attention-getter, and they had a way of making me feel fast even though I’m far from it. No matter—people still thought they were awesome and were always asking what kind of shoe they were. Red for the win.

adidas climacoolMy personal trainer asked me about the shoes when I first met her, and I was telling her all about how they’re supposed to keep your feet cool. Now, it’s not a problem I’ve ever noticed personally; I’ve never thought “Gosh, my feet are just too hot to carry on!” Too tired? Yes. But never too hot. However, my trainer said that she’s had a number of clients complain about hot-feet syndrome, so it must be an issue some people have. If it is for you, these shoes are the solution because they really do work. You really do feel a breeze all around your feet because of all of the ventilation channels and the minimal construction.

The only drawback of all of the minimal construction and letting in of cooler air? Well, in cooler weather, it can make your feet a touch chillier than they’d be otherwise. And if you step in water, you most definitely feel it in your socks, as I found out on two occasions.

If you’re in the market for some kicks that will make you want to lace up and go, try these on for size! Right now they’re on sale, so tell Santa so he can get on that in time for the holidays…

Also, want some David Beckham on the side? Thank me now for sharing this video. —Erin

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