I’m a Comfortable Prancing Leopard!

prancing-leopard-585I’m always up for a challenge, so when Prancing Leopard asked if I’d like to try their gear out to see if I liked it better than my current favorites, I said game on. I had the chance to test out two different pieces: the Kuray High Low Sweatshirt and the Seychelles Capri.

Thoughts after the first wear: I loved the style and comfort of the clothes. The pieces are made of organic cotton (which is my all-time favorite!) and flatter the body nicely. I like that it gives my butt and thighs some structure without cutting off circulation to my feet. The style is pretty groovy as well. I love the off-the-shoulder touch. Makes me feel like I’m a Flashdance maniac (cue dance scene) with muscles and booty to boot! I also love the color of the pants. There’s something wonderful about wearing the color yellow. (They also come in a pretty bright blue!)

While the color and style is a perk, it’s all about comfort for me. In this case, the clothes get four stars for the cotton. They’re definitely comfortable and seamless enough to sleep in. The downside? They’re made out of cotton, which isn’t my favorite fabric to sweat in. There’s nothing wicking sweat away, so I drowned in my own perspiration after my first workout in the sweatshirt and capris. And drowning is never fun. There’s nothing more embarrassing than sweating so hard it looks like you’ve peed your pants. Because of that tiny fabric detail, I’ve learned to only prance like a leopard when I’m running errands or hanging around the house and want to be comfortable, but cute.

Overall thoughts: The pieces are definitely savvy for those who like to rock sweats a lot (ahem, that goes out to all the work-from-home peeps like myself!) or are doing milder workouts like some easy yoga OR for people who don’t sweat. But this cute leisure wear won’t come cheap. The sweatshirt goes for $129; the capris for $89. I get it that it’s organic cotton, but you have to REALLY want to look cute for this cotton!

I know I live in the land of excess (Los Angeles) where fitties sashay down the streets in tank tops that are worth more than a week of my salary, but I still, after all these years of living here, can’t justify spending more than $50 for a pair of sweats. That’s just me, though.

Can you justify a pair of cute sweats or does the thought of a $100 sweatshirt make you sweat? —Tish

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