There Is A Reason They Call It Moving—You Don’t Stop!

Change! Lots of change—and I don’t mean in my pocket. At the beginning of January, Brendan (my fit dude) and I moved to the beautiful state of Colorado for the start of our grand adventure called “Life After College.”

According to this picture, life doesn’t look too bad!

According to this picture, life doesn’t look too bad!

Since then, we’ve embarked we’ve bumped and weaved through every obstacle imaginable. Yet, with all the hustle going on from buying my first car to finding a place to live, we’ve done our best to keep on track, eat healthy and have a bit of fun during the process.
So, as always, I started my morning off with my infamous Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake.
Starting My Day Off Right

Starting my day off right!

Once I made Brendan and I our protein shakes, we headed off to the gym to lift shoulders and calves. For some reason, I really love those days! When we came home we found Koa (our pooch) working out, too! He does a wonderful downward dog.
His Perfect Downward Dog!

His perfect downward dog!

With my shoulders sore and Koa showing me up in his yoga moves, we all shuffled to the kitchen to get some real breakfast grub. I have figured out that I seem to go through three-week phases of the same breakfast meal—and this morning was an egg sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese and an Ezekiel English muffin.
McFit Breakfast Sandwich

The McFit breakfast sandwich.

Once our stomachs were full, we had to attempt to be productive instead of watching 24 on Netflix. (Just started the second season—loving it!) So we headed to Home Depot for some home fixin’ and additions. Although we came to find a new knocker for the house and some better colored paint, I found Brendan Stroking the Furry Wall (for my “Get Him To The Greek” fans out there). Let’s just say we spent an hour or so not only looking at rugs but rubbing them down, too! And all that rubbin’ made me hungry.
Stroking the Furry Wall

Stroking the furry wall.

We decided we would meet up with my uncle, aunt and cousins for a late lunch in Denver. I have to admit the homesickness has really taken a toll on me, and it’s not due to the lack of hugs and kisses from family and friends. Seeing my family really made me take a deep breath and remember that the journey is supposed to be enjoyable. We shared our first (of many!) meals together. Thinking I could find the healthiest thing on the menu, I ordered a black bean burger without the bun.
Sharing a meal with family!

Sharing a meal with family!

Two hours later we parted ways and headed back to Colorado Springs. Seeing my family really helped get rid of the excess tears that would appear out of nowhere! On the ride home, Brendan and I reminisced about our holidays in Hawaii, and in honor of my family, we scrounged up the ingredients to an old family recipe: enchiladas.

A Family Recipe

Okay, normal enchiladas aren’t the healthiest choice out there, but I picked some of the best ingredients and added my great-grandmother’s secret ingredient—raisins! Don’t doubt me…you’ll have to try it!
I’ve finally figured out why they call it “moving.” It’s because you never stop! When was the last time you had a big life change? Did you eat better or worse? Or just enjoy all the tastes of the adventure? —Raquel

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  1. My biggest life change so far has to be when my fiance had our house built! We were not engaged at the time but he was getting a house built and we were moving in together and starting our life! At that time i was not eating very heathly at all.. We’ll say i was enjoying the adventure! 🙂